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Are you a member of a strategic focus team? On this page, you will find access to the portal, which provides access to your team notes, topic research and relevant updates.
A whopping 215 staff, parents, community members and students have signed up to participate in strategic focus teams. Thank you for your support and lending your expertise as we work together to build Vision 2031!

Teams will meet Mondays, 6-8 p.m. from Oct 15 - Nov. 19 at the Eisenhower Community Center (1001 Hwy 7, Hopkins). Team members are asked to participate in at least four sessions. Insights gathered will shape our next steps and inform how we go from Great to World Class! Vision 2031 is a collective vision so the insights our families/staff share with us will be very important for shaping our action plan.

Strategic Focus Team Portal

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 Strategic Focus Teams:

Strategic focus teams are provided below. Early this winter, we will share our findings from these sessions with the community. Stayed tuned for details. 

● Reimagining School Day and Year Structures (start/end times, learning beyond school walls)

● Creating Students of the World: Language Immersion, Intercultural Competence, World Travel

● Creating Innovation Lab Spaces, Mindset, and Behaviors

● Cultivating Career and College Connections & Readiness

● Reimagining Early Learning (cultivating world scholars 0-K)

● Reimagining Student Success Metrics

● Reimagining Marketing, Communications & Public Relations

● Redefining Educators' Evolving Roles

● Cultivating Vigilant Equity Through Excellence

● Students-Only Focus Team: Reimagine School Environments, Courses, and Culture