Superintendent Search Update

Hopkins Public Schools has hired School Exec Connect to lead our superintendent search. You can find updates related to our search process on this page.

At the April 4th School Board meeting, the Hopkins School Board selected School Exec Connect to lead its search for the next superintendent. Our goal is to have a superintendent hired and in place by July 1, 2017. We want you to be informed of the process that we will be following as we conduct our superintendent search. School Exec Connect has outlined the search timeline in this letter. 

Slate of Candidates and First Interview Schedule:

May 23
6:30 p.m. Dr. Julie Beddow-Schubert 
Director of Teaching and Learning, Lakeville Public Schools 

7:45 p.m. - Dr. Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed 
Associate Superintendent, Monterey Peninsula Unified, California 

May 24
2:30 p.m. Dr. Darrell Williams
Assistant Superintendent, School District of Beloit 

3:40 p.m. Eric Melbye
Assistant Superintendent, Bloomington Public Schools

4:50 p.m. Michael Thomas
Chief of Academics and Leadership, Minneapolis Public Schools 

All interviews will take place in the Hopkins Board Room (233) at the Community Center, 1001 Hwy 7, Hopkins. Interviews are open to the public, but public will not be allowed to comment.  

Superintendent Search Update
May 19, 2017

We want to keep you informed of the Superintendent search process, as it will move quite quickly at the busiest time of the year. On Monday, May 22, the Hopkins School Board will select an official slate of candidates. As soon as they are selected, we will share their names and the districts they serve on this webpage.

The first round of interviews will take place Tuesday, May 23 and Wednesday, May 24. The times and locations of these interviews will be posted at the bottom of this page as this information becomes available. All interviews are open to the public; however, the public will not be allowed to comment.

On Thursday, May 25, we will announce the final candidates to our staff, community, and the media. All-day interviews will be scheduled for each candidate on May 30 and 31. The schedule includes a tour of the District, an interview with students, and several interviews with different groupings of staff. Additionally, an evening interview will be open to the entire community. An agenda will be posted on the website as soon as it is finalized. A superintendent will be chosen on the evening of the last interview on May 31.

If you have questions regarding this search, please feel free to contact the School Exec Connect employees who are leading this search: Ken Dragseth (952-210-2790), Toni Johns (612-309-1511), or David Clough (847-644-5556).

Sincerely, Board of Education, Hopkins Public Schools 
Wendy Donovan, Chair
Warren Goodroad, Vice Chair
Steve Adams, Treasurer
Betsy Anderson, Director
Doobie Kurus, Director
Dave Larson, Director
Kris Newcomer, Director  


Superintendent Search Timeline

The Hopkins School Board wants you to be informed of the process that we will be following as we conduct the search for a new superintendent. On this page, you will find a timeline of the process. 

First Interviews - May 23 and 24

The next stage of our search process is to conduct the first set of Board interviews of the candidates. The purpose of these interviews is for the Board to determine which candidates will be selected to move forward in the process and begin forming their first impressions of candidates who are excellent for Hopkins Public Schools. These interviews are open to the public, but the public will not be allowed to participate.