Technology Support & Services

Our Technology Support Services professionals provide technical support for staff, students, and parents  throughout the district.  We provide this support with Technology Support in each building and also a district-level Service Desk that can help with support issues. If a problem cannot be solved in the building or by the Service Desk, it can be taken to support personnel at the district technology office, where they work with our systems staff and our vendors to find a solution.

In Hopkins Public Schools, we take pride in supporting multiple computing environments to best meet the needs of educating students.  Below are some facts about the support we provide.

  • We currently have approximately 5,000 computers in the district, with about 85% of those computers being Apple-based systems and 15% being Windows-based computers.  We also support about 3,000 iPads and 500 ChromeBooks.

  • We support approximately 200 different software titles and cloud solutions used for student instruction.

  • All instructional staff have district-provided laptops allowing them to better integrate technology into every lesson.

  • In our junior high schools, we support a digital content initiative with a 1-to-1 iPad roll-out in which students in one grade level are each provided with a laptop for use through the school year.

  • Elsewhere in our secondary schools, we support many unique computing needs such as complete music and video production labs at Hopkins High School.

  • We actively manage all of our desktop environments to allow remote technical support, as well as remote and on-demand installation and updating of software using industry-leading desktop and mobile device management software.

  • We supervise technology asset management for the school district, helping to coordinate purchasing decisions, manage current inventory, and arrange for disposal of old computer technology in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • We provide school district hardware and software standards, and we manage the deployment of new hardware and software systems.


  •  We manage all user account creation and maintenance and manage the district phone system.


How to get computer help

For school district staff members, the easiest way to get help with your computer is to contact the Service Desk at extension 4111.  The Service Desk Technician will be able to talk you through the issue you’re having over the phone and even remotely look at your computer if necessary to find a solution.


Information Systems

We support information use and data-driven decision making throughout the school district by maintaining and providing access to instructional, financial, demographic, and historical data.

District Servers & Infrastructure

We provide and maintain access to services for staff, students, and parents including email, file storage, financial management, staff directory, transportation, networking, voice communications and more.

Purchasing Procedures for Digital Resources

We have purchasing procedures for new software and subscriptions.