Technology for Students with Special Needs

Our Special Education department provides Universal Design for Learning (UDL) resources and training to ensure that our equipment and software meet the needs of all students.

Our school district is working with the Minnesota Department of Education to receive training on the principles and application of UDL. In a universally designed classroom, all students will have the tools necessary to make progress. Tools that help all students reach their potential in the classroom often include special software and other technologies.

Application of UDL principles will allow teachers to more readily meet students' needs within the classroom. Currently, students who are struggling often need to leave the classroom to use specialized technology or receive academic supports. By making the technology part of the curriculum, students no longer have to leave the classroom and lose instructional time.  Students with special needs are also more likely to use the tools available if all students are accessing the same software to produce their work.

Our goal in Hopkins Public Schools is to choose technology that will be universally accessible to all learners.  By having UDL classrooms, all students will be provided with the tools they need to be successful. Teachers will also be supported with technology that will allow them to meet the growing needs of a diverse student population.