Digital Classrooms

Hopkins School District classrooms are digital learning environments that support personalized learning through blended learning experiences and current technical tools.

1:1 Digital Devices

Our district provides a digital device to every student in grades K-12. The 1:1 program transforms the classroom. Students have access to rich and wide-ranging educational content and resources, giving both teachers and students the opportunity to expand authentic teaching and learning opportunities.

Young adolescents are at the perfect age to be engaged in and excited by the interactive nature of digital course content—images, videos, podcasts, or ebook texts—and our teachers are ready and eager to adapt their curriculum and instruction to make the most of the devices' capabilities to engage, customize, and enhance learning.

Interactive Whiteboards

Hopkins has installed over 225 interactive whiteboards (ActivBoards from Promethean). Each teacher who is using this piece of technology participates in 20 hours of professional development to learn to design presentations and to teach effectively with rich digital curriculum. Not only has the technology revitalized the instructional practices of our teachers, it has also further engaged our students in the learning process.

Student Response Systems

Teachers at each school have access to wireless electronic student response systems. These devices can be used in the classroom to collect data from each individual student. Students feel more engaged, and teachers are able to assess students' learning immediately—with real data—to make decisions on how to proceed through a lesson. This approach is also more dynamic and inclusive of everyone in the room.

Document Cameras

Document cameras are designed to quickly display an object or document on a screen in the classroom using an LCD projector. The advantage of using document cameras instead of traditional overhead projectors is that a teacher can easily show the students important instructional images (maps, books, art prints) without taking the time to make a transparency.  Teachers can also show students three-dimentional objects such as coins, jewelry, or rocks.

Audio Amplification Systems

Nearly all elementary classrooms and many secondary classrooms in the school district are equipped with audio amplification systems.  Audio enhancement provides an optimal learning environment for all students, not just those who are hearing impaired.  There is consistent research that supports the fact that this technology solution has a positive impact on student achievement.