World's Best Workforce Report for 2015-16

                              World's Best Workforce Plan Components


Component I

Goals and Benchmarks for ALL Subgroups

 Component II

Process for Assessing and Evaluating Each Student's Progress

 Component III

Systemic Review and Evaluation of Curriculum & Instruction

Component IV

Strategies for Improving Instruction, Curriculum & Student Achievement

 Component V

Description of Education Effectiveness Practices

Component VI

Constituent Surveys

Academic Vocabulary   X X X 
CIMP    X X X 

Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Instruction

   X X X 
Curriculum Review Cycle   X X X X
College and Career Readiness  X X X X 
District Assessment Plan  X    
District K-3 Literacy Plan  X   X 
District Staff Development Plan   X X X 
Achievement and Integration X X X X X 
District Community Survey       X

Educational Services Advisory Committee 

    X X 

Gifted and Talented

Instructional Coaches     X X 

Professional Learning Communities 

  X X X X 
Principal Evaluation Process   X  X X 
QComp     X X X
Response to Intervention   X X X X 
Site Data Retreats  X X X X X X
School Surveys       X

Teaching and Learning Department Efforts 

  X X X X 
Technology    X X 

Teacher Development and Evaluation 

  X  X X 

Title One Report



World's Best Workforce Archive

Reports from previous years with pertinent information being provided to the MDE in compliance with their reporting requirements.