Acceleration Services

Acceleration to a higher grade level may be considered for highly advanced students.

Some gifted students are so far advanced in their basic skills and knowledge that acceleration to a higher grade level may be considered.

The practice of educational acceleration has long been used to match academically advanced students with optimal learning opportunities. Several forms of acceleration currently exist in Hopkins Public Schools. They include:

  • early school entrance
  • subject area acceleration
  • grade acceleration
  • multi-age grouping
  • taking courses at another school (such as junior high students taking a class at the high school)
  • early graduation

The guidelines we use when making grade acceleration decisions include a careful evaluation of a child's intellectual functioning, academic skill levels, and social-emotional adjustment. 

Intellectually and academically, a child should have a level of mental development greater than the mean for the grade he or she desires to enter. Socially, emotionally, and physically a child should be free of any serious adjustment problems and mature for their age.

Assessments and recommendations from the child's family and classroom teacher will also be considered as part of the careful screening process.

For more information about this process please contact the Gifted and Talented Services teacher at your child's school.