Identifying Students for Gifted & Talented Services

There are a variety of criteria and considerations used to identify gifted and talented students.

Students are identified for Hopkins Gifted and Talented Services using a combination of the following criteria and considerations:

  • Standardized testing: Tests used in the Gifted and Talented Services referral process include the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA III), the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), and the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test.
  • Classroom assessments: Assessments include a variety of tests and may include a combination of Pearson Scott Foresman Reading Street assessments, language fluency tests, leveled reading tests, unit pre-tests, and math problem-solving and computation tests.
  • Teacher referral and parent referral
  • Student Interest


High School

Advanced Level Courses: All advanced level courses including AP (Advanced Placement), CIS (College in the Schools), Honors, and other courses are open to student choice. Anyone who wants that level of rigor can enroll.

ProPEL: Students may apply to enroll in the ProPEL course. Enrollment is limited and students are selected based on an application, interview, and a review of their previous coursework.

Junior High

Flex Courses: Flex courses are offered to seventh and eighth graders and are open to student choice. Anyone who wants that level of rigor can enroll.
In most cases enrollment is limited to one flex course per year.

ALM (Autonomous Learner Model): Students are selected to participate in ALM by the Gifted and Talented Coordinators. Students must have an ability score on the CogAT of 125 or higher AND/OR have MAP achievement test scores in both math and reading at the 95th percentile or higher.


Primary Grades (K - 3): Students are selected for reading and math enrichment opportunities by the classroom teachers and Gifted and Talented Coordinator using achievement test scores, classroom work, and curriculum based assessments.

Upper Grades (4-6): Students at this level are selected based on the program for which they are selected.

Enrichment Reading: Students selected for this class are in the approximate top third of their grade level and are selected based on past reading performance, achievement test scores, fluency in reading, and leveled reading tests. Identification is done annually.

Accelerated Math: Students are selected for this class based on achievement test scores, problem solving ability, and teacher recommendation. Based on a matrix identification tool, students must meet a certain threshold to be selected. Currently that threshold is 9 out of a possible 18 points.

Please contact your child's classroom teacher, guidance counselor, or the Gifted and Talented Services coordinator at your school for more information.

Contact Information

District Gifted & Talented Coordinator:

District Coordinator: Susan Gruidl, M.A. • 952.988.4915