High School Gifted & Talented Services

Hopkins High School offers a robust array of high level learning opportunities for the gifted and talented student.

Hopkins Gifted and Talented Services, in conjunction with other academic departments and classroom teachers, strives to meet the needs of its most capable students through a variety of services (read more about our levels of services). Gifted and Talented Services are provided to students both in the regular classroom and in the "pull-out" Gifted and Talented classrooms. 

Gifted & Talented Services at the High School

  • Advanced Placement: Of particular interest to exceptional learners is our premier Advanced Placement (AP) program—19 courses in language arts, social studies, science, math, and art, with curriculum established by the College Board that offers both the rigor of college classes and the opportunity to earn college credit.
  • College in the School (CIS): Also unique at Hopkins are the 7 College in the Schools (CIS) courses in languages and science that we offer in conjunction with the University of Minnesota, all of which earn college credit.
  • ProPEL (Professionals Providing Experiences for Life): ProPEL is a Hopkins High School program that gives students who have exhausted the course offerings at our school the chance to work side-by-side with a professional in their area of interest, while earning elective credits at the same time. The ProPEL program services a broad spectrum of career fields, and attempts to match the interests of the student with the best professionals available in trade, service, academic, medical, legal, executive, or creative career areas.
  • Honors & Advanced Learning: Hopkins High School also offers 12 Honors courses.
  • Credit by Assessment: is an opportunity for students to bypass a required course because they have already mastered the material. Students may have acquired that knowledge through extracurricular activities, activities outside of school, previous learning, or community and work experiences. (Read more about Credit by Assessment.)


Contact Information

High School Gifted & Talented Coordinator:

Hopkins High School: John Sammler, B.S., M.S. • 952.567.8841

District Coordinator: Susan Gruidl, M.A. • 952.988.4915