Overview of Gifted & Talented Services

Hopkins offers a wide range of levels and types of gifted and talented programming.


The mission of our Gifted and Talented Services program is to provide gifted students the opportunity to discover and nurture their potential for academic excellence in challenging and supportive environments. Hopkins Public Schools strives to support the unique needs of children whose academic abilities far exceed their chronological age.

Services Offered

Offering a variety of service levels is a fundamental feature of our Gifted and Talented Services program.

Casting a wide net (by providing services appropriate to all, many, some, and few students) gives all students an opportunity to achieve to their highest potential. This philosophy ensures service to gifted students who are hard to identify through formal means, such as through standardized testing alone.

Level I

Level I service is available to ALL students and may be provided by the classroom teacher, a volunteer or guest speaker, media specialist, or the music or art specialist. Examples of Level 1 service include:

  • Daily classroom work
  • BRAVO music
  • Art Adventure presentations
  • COMPAS-in-the-Schools
  • Visiting literary scholars
  • Field trips

Level II

Level II service is available to MANY students and is often accessed by personal choice or teacher referral. Examples of Level II service include:

  • Enriched Reading groups
  • Flex and Honors Courses
  • Imagination Fair
  • Future Cities
  • Knowledge Masters
  • Destination Imagination
  • Young Scientist Roundtable


Level III

Level III service is available to SOME students who are selected based on multiple criteria. Service usually occurs in groups with students who have similar exceptional abilities. This level of service includes:

  • Accelerated Math
  • Autonomous Learner Model (ALM) classes
  • Credit-by-Assessment acceleration
The following high school courses are selected by the students because of their high level of rigor and are also Level III service.

  • Independent Study
  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Honors
  • College-in-the-Schools (CIS)
  • Post-Secondary Education Option (PSEO) 


Level IV

Level IV service is available to a FEW students whose academic needs are significantly different from their peers. Such students need modification of their educational programs to reach their potential. Examples of service include:

  • Subject or grade acceleration
  • Early school entrance
  • Mentorship
  • Individualized programs based on the students' needs.


Our guiding beliefs:

The Gifted and Talented Services program embraces the following beliefs:

  • High expectations inspire individuals to excel.
  • Lifelong learning is essential in an ever-changing global society.
  • Each person is unique and has unlimited, intrinsic value.
  • A quality education enriches the individual and expands options throughout life.
  • Having the courage to seek challenges and to take risks is necessary for continued growth and change.
  • Gifted learners have accelerated and complex intellectual development, often leading to unique social and emotional needs.
  • Gifted learners come from all cultural, socioeconomic, racial, and ethic groups.
  • Recognizing that this population has diverse talents and needs, a continuum of services should be provided.