Junior High Gifted & Talented Services

Hopkins Gifted & Talented Services are available at both of our junior high schools.

At both of our International Baccalaureate designated junior high schools, a Gifted & Talented coordinator offers comprehensive, individualized opportunities for our high-achieving students in seventh- through ninth-grade. This gives Hopkins' gifted students the opportunity to discover and nurture their potential in an environment that is both challenging and supportive.

Hopkins Gifted & Talented Services, in conjunction with other academic departments and classroom teachers, strives to meet the needs of its most capable students through a variety of services (read more about our levels of services). Gifted & Talented Services are provided to students both in the traditional classroom and in the "pull-out" Gifted & Talented classroom. 

Gifted & Talented Services at the Junior High Schools

  • ALM (Autonomous Learner Model): ALM is a year-long course where a group of high-potential students meet using a holistic gifted curriculum to literally learn how to learn independently.
  • FLEX Classes: Are classes designed to offer increased rigor, while remaining respectful of the changing available time a student may have over the course of the year. Flex classes are available as alternatives to each respective core class in grades 7 and 8: English Language Arts 7 or 8 Flex, Life Science Flex, United States Studies Flex, Earth Science Flex, and Global Studies Flex. 
  • Honors Courses: Our Honors classes provide enhanced rigor primarily through the complexity of the work and materials.
  • Accelerated math
  • Credit by Assessment: is an opportunity for students to bypass a required course because they have already mastered the material. Students may have acquired that knowledge through extracurricular activities, activities outside of school, previous learning, or community and work experiences. (Read more about Credit by Assessment.)



Contact Information

Junior High Gifted & Talented Coordinators:

North Junior High: Kristin Lee, M. Ed. • 952-988-4767

West Junior High: Regina Johnson, BA, MA • 952-567-8888

District Coordinator: Susan Gruidl, M.A. • 952-988-4915