Support Programs

In this section you will find information about some other programs and services that are based in our department and provide additional support to our students and teachers. For example: English Language Learners (ELL), Gifted and Talented Services, Equity and Inclusion, and Staff Development.


Elementary Intervention Program

The elementary intervention program was developed to meet the needs of students in grades K-6 who are in need of additional support in the areas of reading and/or mathematics.

Equity and Inclusion

Here in the Hopkins School District, Equity is listed as one of our core values. The core values of an organization are those values we hold that form the foundation on which we perform our work and conduct ourselves. These core values guide us as we work to achieve our mission, objectives, and strategies.

Gifted and Talented Services

The Hopkins Gifted and Talented Services program, HGTS, provides support and services to our most able learners.

English Learner Program

The English Learner (EL) Program is a Hopkins Public Schools program to help ELs develop proficiency in speaking, in listening comprehension, and in reading and writing English.

Professional Development

Our staff development program is designed to prepare our staff with the knowledge, skills, and beliefs necessary to provide a world-class education for all our learners.