Educational Services Advisory Committee

What is the Educational Services Advisory Committee (ESAC)?

The purpose of the Educational Services Advisory Committee (ESAC) is to provide advice, direction, and support to our school district regarding the design, integration, implementation and evaluation of curriculum, instruction and assessment to support the District Strategic Plan. Members of the Educational Services Advisory Committee include Hopkins Public Schools parents, community members, and staff.

Who are the members of ESAC?

ESAC members are representative of each school, and of the broader school community. Members serve a term of three years. Individuals that are interested in serving on the ESAC committee should call their school principal, or contact Karen Terhaar, Director of Teaching & Learning, regarding their interest. If you would like to view a list of the current members, you can download the list at the link below.

What topics does ESAC study?

The ESAC group often learns about and discusses curriculum reviews prior to their going to the School Board. If you are interested in reviewing our agendas or reading our meeting minutes, visit the related downloads below.

If I have questions about ESAC, whom do I contact?

Please contact Karen Terhaar, Director of Teaching and Learning at 952.988.4037.


2016-2017 ESAC Meetings

2016-2017 meeting material and minutes.

Membership and By-Laws

Membership and By-laws of the Education Services Advisory Committee.

Curriculum Review Timeline

In Hopkins we review and update each curriculum area on a regular cycle.

2015-2016 ESAC Meetings

2015-16 Meeting material and minutes.

2014-2015 ESAC Meetings

2014-2015 meeting material and minutes.

2013-2014 ESAC Meetings

2013-2014 ESAC meeting material and minutes.

2012-2013 ESAC Meetings

2012-2013 ESAC Meeting Material