Welcome to Hopkins Public Schools!

More importantly, welcome to the excellence we provide, along with numerous exciting opportunities for learners of all ages—from birth through adulthood.  Whether you are a parent, community member, or business owner, I invite you to discover—and in some instances, rediscover—what our school district has to offer students, families, and community members.

It is exciting to be involved in preparing learners for their future.  The significance of education becomes more pivotal each year.  As Americans face the current economic challenges, the goal to prepare students for their futures as literate global citizens becomes ever more critical to the success of our democracy, our families, and our students.

Our mission statement is "Serving a community rich in culture and diversity, Hopkins Public Schools develops in all students the skills, knowledge, and passion for lifelong learning."  We strive to attain this through various means—hiring the best and brightest staff, providing an environment that fosters learning, and encouraging parent involvement.

In Hopkins, excellence is not just an expectation; rather, it is a way of life. We believe in excellence—every school, every student, every day.

We value your visit and hope it is the beginning of a long, healthy partnership with us!




John W. Schultz, Ph.D.