Title I Services

Title I is a federally funded program designed to assist students below grade level in reading and math. The amount of funding is based on the number of students who qualify for free and reduced-price lunch. All Title I services and programming are supplemental to the regular classroom instruction.

Hopkins Schools Eligible for Title I Services

Two elementary schools in the Hopkins Public Schools have targeted assistance programs—Gatewood Elementary and Tanglen Elementary. Alice Smith Elementary and Eisenhower Elementary each have a schoolwide Title I program.

Student Eligibility for Title I Services

Title I staff, along with classroom teachers, administer grade-level assessments to determine student eligibility. If your child qualifies, you will be informed by your child's classroom teacher. Students do not have to participate in the free/reduced lunch program to qualify.

Title I Programming

The Hopkins Title I program primarily serves students in grades K through 6, both in reading and math. Title I teachers are trained in a variety of research-based instructional methods to best meet the needs of individual students. Title I teachers provide their services to students in a small-group setting both inside and outside the regular classroom.

Parental Involvement

There are several ways parents can become involved in both your child's school and the Title I program. These include participating in an annual meeting, attending conferences and open houses, or serving as a Title I site representative. Each school site also has developed its own plan for ensuring parent involvement in Title I services.

Parent Right To Know

Teacher quality is important for your child's achievement. If your child attends a Title I school, you have the right to know the following information about your child's teacher:

  • the certification of the grade level and subject he or she is teaching
  • whether he or she is teaching under an emergency or provisional license



District Title I Parent Involvement Plan (pdf, 258 KB)

The Hopkins Public Schools Title I Parental Involvement Plan is designed to meet state guidelines for parent involvement in Title I services.

Alice Smith Parent Involvement Plan (pdf, 212 KB)

Alice Smith Parent Involvement Plan

Eisenhower Parent Involvement Plan (pdf, 207 KB)

Eisenhower Parent Involvement Plan

Gatewood Parent Involvement Plan (pdf, 248 KB)

Gatewood Parent Involvement Plan

Tanglen Parent Involvement Plan (pdf, 245 KB)

Tanglen Parent Involvement Plan