Special Education Advisory Committee

The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) provides parents and community representatives a way to communicate with the school system that serves their special needs child. The group, chaired and organized by parents of students with disabilities, collaborates with district staff to improve special education services and the quality of life for your children.

What does the SEAC do?

Meeting monthly during the school year, the committee works towards assuring quality education and services for special needs children by:

Providing input to administration on district special education policies, programs, needs and concerns. Sponsoring educational programs, parent meetings, and distribution of resource information. Connecting families to special services staff and local school communities. Executing projects through subcommittees related to such areas as educational programs, communications, or community recreational programs such as Adapted Athletics

Who serves on the SEAC?

Membership on SEAC includes parents from each school in the district, community representatives, the district's director of special services, two special services coordinators, and the Transition Lead.

SEAC Co-Chairs are Rachel Casper and Melissa Wilcox

SEAC Parent Representatives

  • Transition Plus: Sarah Boggess, 952.938.1534
  • Hopkins High School: Marianne Aydil, 952.938.5103; Krista Fraase, 763.229.2636; Wendy Beard, 952.933.5286 and Ben Twogood, 952.960.3639
  • Hopkins West Junior High: Sara Bojan-Wood, 612.802.0382; Shari Tvrdik, 952.934.7113 and Terri Brey, 612.618.3495
  • Hopkins North Junior High: 
  • Alice Smith Elementary: Carrie Kennedy, 952.930.1584 and Rachel Carlson, 952.933.1170
  • Eisenhower Elementary: Sara Bojan-Wood, 612.802.0382
  • Gatewood Elementary: Erin Byers, 952.925.5232; Chris Choy Bush, 612.384.4968; Julie Tarshish, 763.383.9553; Melissa Wilcox, 612.735.7756; Gina Haar, 612.599.1283 and Terri Brey, 612.618.3495
  • Glen Lake Elementary: Katie Whitnah, 612.749.4715; Wendy Beard, 952.933.5286; Rachel Casper, 319.432.5692 and Melissa Wilcox, 612.735.7756
  • Meadowbrook Elementary: Allison Buttress, 763.417.9024 and Courtney Bernal, 720.254.2778
  • Tanglen Elementary:
  • XinXing Elementary: 
  • Early Childhood Special Education: Cindy Nelson-Kaigama, 612.275.8788
  • Intermediate School District 287 Programs: 
  • Members at Large:
  • Private Schools: Elizabeth Claeys, 952.935.5093
How can the SEAC help me?

Start with your local SEAC School Representative. He or she may be able to answer your questions, share personal experiences, and direct you to staff or community resources. Participate in SEAC-sponsored "PIE Meetings" or PACER training for legislative action to help you share your opinions, needs, and questions. Participate in our educational programs to meet other families with special needs students. Visit this site for information on workshops, activities, resources to help families with students needing special education and related services.


SEAC Mission Statement and Bylaws

Mission Statement and ByLaws Revised as of September 26, 2017

SEAC Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Meeting agendas and minutes of the Special Education Advisory Committee are available online.

SEAC Meeting Dates 2019-2020

Dates, times and rooms for 2019-2020 SEAC Meetings