Bus Transportation Form

All families that are enrolled in Hopkins Public Schools are asked to fill out a bus transportation form. If you do not need transportation, please complete the form and select "Bus Not Needed." If you need transportation, it is very important that you fill out a form as this is how we route buses. You need to fill out this form every year, even if your child(ren) used transportation last year. 

If your information changes, please notify the Transportation Department, 952-988-4115 or SchoolBus@HopkinsSchools.org

Families must fill out this form in order to be routed for a bus. 

  • Daycare: Special transportation arrangements may be considered for daycare students.
  • Open Enrollment and In-District Transfer: Students who live outside their home school attendance boundary may use an already existing stop that is located in their home school attendance boundary, but only on a space-available basis. Parents are responsible for making sure the student is transported to and from the stop safely. If overcrowding occurs, students may be removed from the bus roster.
  • Minneapolis Students: Hopkins Public Schools offers transportation from Minneapolis for approved students. To find out if you are eligible for this program, please call the Enrollment Office at 952-988-4003 or click here.

  • Special Education: If you have a child with special needs requiring transportation different from the regular bus services, please work with your child's special education case manager or call the Transportation Office at 952-988-4115.