Bus Stop Change Request Form

Bus stop request forms must be completed and sent to the transportation department for processing. We will review bus stop change request forms after the third week of school. Please note that forms must be fully completed in order to be processed. Families will be contacted if stop changes/requests are approved.

If your bus stop change request is based on a change of address, please contact the District Enrollment Department to make the address change first. Enrollment Office: Enrollment@HopkinsSchools.org or 952-988-4110.

Please complete this form only after reviewing our Bus Stop and Routing Criteria and determining that your situation may require special consideration.

When making your request, please keep in mind:

  • Bus Stop & Routing Criteria applies to all riders.
  • Buses will not travel into cul-de-sacs, private roads (i.e. apartment complexes and home associations), dead-end streets, or other areas where they cannot safely maneuver. An exception to this may be a bus that is transporting students with disabilities. All students, regardless of age or grade who reside in these areas will need to walk to the assigned bus stop regardless of distance.
  • Availability of sidewalks is not part of the criteria used in establishing bus stops. Much of the Hopkins School District was designed without sidewalks.
  • Buses drive by many students’ homes every day. The bus driving by doesn’t warrant adding/changing a bus stop.
  • Visibility from the home to the bus stop is not part of our criteria for establishing bus stops. Bus stops are collection points in neighborhoods. If a parent/guardian is concerned about watching their child at the stop they will need to walk with them and supervise them at the bus stop. We strongly encourage parents/guardians to arrange for an adult to be at the bus stop whenever students are present.
  • In order to be consistent and fair in placement of bus stops, we cannot establish stops based on personal circumstances such as employment, day care, or siblings.
  • Bus drivers do not have the legal authority to make bus stop changes; doing so may result in disciplinary action up to termination. A temporary exception may be made by the driver due to inclement weather or other temporary circumstances. In each case the transportation department must be notified in advance by the driver.

No stop changes will be made or reviewed until after the first two weeks of school.

Bus Stop Change Request Form

NOTE: Your request will be reviewed and a site visit may be made to confirm the information contained in this request. You will be contacted after a determination has been made. No changes will go into effect until you and everyone else at your bus stop have been notified.