Safely transporting students to school and back again.

The Hopkins Public Schools transportation department is responsible for safely transporting our students to school and back each day. On this page, you will find information on safety, bus routing, late bus information and contact information.

For late buses or lost items, contact:
School Bus Provider  
952-988-5380 or

If your bus is not listed call:
Transportation Office

Four young boys walk on the sidewalk to their school after riding on the school bus.

Bus Stop Information

Hopkins Public Schools provides transportation to the following students:

  • Elementary students living within the area of attendance .8 of a mile or more from the school
  • Resident secondary students living one mile or more from the school within the area of attendance
  • Resident elementary students attending XinXing Academy
  • Open enrollment

Open Enrollment and Inter-District Transfers

Students who live outside their home school attendance boundary may use an already existing stop that is located in their home school attendance boundary, but only on a space-available basis. Parents are responsible for making sure the student is transported to and from the stop safely. If overcrowding occurs, students may be removed from the bus roster. To request use of transportation service at an existing bus stop, please complete the Transportation Form located in the Forms section below.


These forms are used to assess transportation needs, determine eligibility, and plan busing for students. "Daycare" includes providers and/or family members providing care at a location other than the parent/guardian's residence. If your child does not need transportation provided by the school district, please complete this form and check "Bus Not Needed."

Consistent bus stops are necessary for the safety of students. Students are not allowed to make changes regarding their pick-up or delivery bus stops. Example: riding a bus to a friend's house.

If your information changes, please notify the Transportation Department, 952-988-4115 or

Special transportation arrangements may be considered for daycare students. A student may be:

  • Picked up at home, attend school, then delivered to daycare
  • Picked up at daycare, attend school, and delivered to home
  • Picked up at daycare, attend school, and delivered to daycare.

The above transportation arrangements can be made under the following conditions:

  1. Both addresses are within the attendance area of the school.
  2. The pattern is regular, providing the same pick-up address and the same drop-off address every day.

Bus Safety

The goal of Hopkins Public Schools is for every student to have a safe, comfortable, and orderly ride to and from school. Please see the following tips for safety around the bus and our bus safety rules.


Transportation Office
835 Decatur Ave. N. 
Golden Valley, MN 55427
952-988-4115 (phone) 
952-988-4107 (fax)

School Bus Provider Phone: 952-988-5380
Contact MTI for late buses or lost items: