Workplace Health & Risk Committee Meeting Minutes

December 18, 2018
3:30-4:30 p.m.


Christopher King, Counselor, GW ES; Don Habel, Science CHO, HHS; Geoffrey Boeder, Science CHO, WJH; Jennifer Kopischke, Community Education, District; Julie Anderson, Student Nutrition, Ike ES; Julie Kaczmarek, Benefits / Workman’s Compensation Administrator, District; Karen Marx, Administrative Assistant, TG ES; Kevin Neuman, Assistant Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, District; Lauren O’Neill, EFCE Program, HH FC; Lynn Miller, Administrative Assistant, Ike ES; Mary Jo Martin, Licensed School Nurse, WJH; Renee Shakerin, Administrative Assistant, AS ES; Terry Sharratt, Special Education, MB ES; Tim Amlie, Technology Education Coordinator, HHS; Jeff Kuester, Manager Risk Control & Fleet Services, USI; Jeff Goldy, Health and Safety Coordinator, District (16)


Alan Thompson, Fine Arts Coordinator, District; Chelsea Ritland, Adult Options, District; Jake Waldman, Activities Department, HHS; Mark Parsley, Custodial Coordinator, District; Michelle Gomez, Science CHO, NJH; Patrick Poquette, Supervisor of Buildings Grounds, District; Paula Klinger, Union Representative, District; Sandra Rulec, Royal Cuisine, HHS; Toni Schwartz, Science Coordinator, District; Trenton Lawson, Associate Principal, HHS; Angie Nyamburi, Account Executive – Commercial Lines, USI; Lori Berdahl, Ergo & Loss Control Specialist, RAS (12)

Minutes by: Jeff Goldy, Health and Safety Coordinator

Agenda Item: Welcome and Introductions

Informed everyone that the previous meeting minutes were sent by email and posted on the website.

Agenda Item: Trends in Data

The committee reviewed the claims data and focused on the worst (listed first), second worst (listed second) and third worst (listed third). We now have data for the five previous years and the current school year:

Claims by Cause  

Struck By

Fall / Slip

Strain By

Claims by Cost  

Struck By

Fall / Slip

Strain By

Claims by Causal Factor  

Fellow Worker, Patient or Other Person (Student)

On Ice or Snow

On Same Level

Also mentioned – Falling or Flying Object, Staff Injured by Combative Patient

Claims by Location   

Tanglen ES

Gatewood ES

Alice Smith ES

Other locations mentioned – Eisenhower ES, North Junior High,

West Junior High

Claims by Department   

Special Services

Student Nutrition

Buildings and Grounds

Other departments mentioned – Paraprofessionals and Teachers, both in 2015 / 2016

An insurance number reflecting our risk of injury and impacting our coverage rates stayed below 1.00 throughout the 2017 / 2018 policy year. This is an excellent rate and very favorable compared to other school districts. Early this year, starting July 1, the rate hovered at just over 1.00. The forecast for the current rate is back to less than 1.00.

Action Item(s)

Distribute “Play It Safe” flyer from RAS. The goal is to increase awareness of the risk of injury when active with students and how to mitigate that risk. – Jeff Goldy & All

Agenda Item: Crisis Management

Enhanced Drills

We have conducted four enhanced drills so far this school year.  The theme this year is lockdown.  Enhancements included locking down in place, identifying and locatiing the “intruder,” and locking down during passing time.

Winter Weather

Jeff Goldy briefed the committee on the kinds of severe winter weather we experience in Minnesota, including definitions of / criteria for blizzards, winter storms, winter weather advisories, wind chill warnings, and wind chill advisories.  The briefing included some informational pages on winter weather the local National Weather Service office publishes on its website.

Action Items

Stay weather aware. – All

Agenda Item: Health and Safety Update

Pharmaceutical Waste Update

The district is receiving some help from the Golden Valley Police Department. We don’t have that help yet from Hopkins or Minnetonka. Health and Safety and School Nursing peer groups will lobby the state legislature for some help.

Influenza / Illness Update

Mary Jo Martin provided an update. We have not seen any outbreaks of illness yet this season. The flu vaccine is proving a good match so far. Preventive measures remain key.  “Fighting the flu starts with you.”

Indoor Air Quality

Every year, our consultants take air quality measurements in all occupied spaces of the district. We prefer to do this in late November or December, during the heating season. We measure for

  • Carbon Dioxide – >1200 ppm
  • Carbon Monoxide – >5 ppm
  • Relative Humidity – 30% to 60%
  • Temperature – 68F to 75F

We inspect for issues / staining regarding

  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Animals / Aquariums
  • Taxidermy
  • Plants

Action Items

Send flu flyer out with meeting minutes to the committee. – Jeff Goldy

Agenda Item: Safety Concerns

None raised. No action items.

Other Information

Next meetings: February 19, 2019; April 16, 2019

At the Eisenhower Community Center

Jeff Goldy is always looking for agenda suggestions.