XinXing Highlights

XinXing Academy Program Highlights

Welcome to another fantastic year at XinXing Academy. With many program successes, XinXing continues to be an example of excellence and showcase the benefits of immersion education.


A Glimpse at XinXing Academy

XinXing Academy is Hopkins Public Schools’ premier Chinese immersion magnet program located in Eisenhower Elementary in Hopkins. XinXing Academy provides children the opportunity to develop proficiency in a second language during their elementary years. 

Our goal is for students to reach an advanced level of proficiency by the end of grade 12, and to develop bi-literacy in both Chinese and English. Since 2007, XinXing has continued to be an example of excellence and a showcase for the benefits of immersion education.


"We relocated from Duluth to send our daughter to XinXing Academy. It had the reputation of being rigorous and engaging with incredibly dedicated teachers — this has proven to be absolutely true! XinXing embraces the whole child and offers a complete immersion experience. "  -Laura Jensen, XinXing parent


Record of Success: Facts + Figures

MCA Test: Our XinXing students consistently score as well or better than their non-immersion peers on the MCA standardized tests. Our students are well on their way to the goal of bi-literacy in Chinese and English. 

Youth Chinese Test: 100 percent of second-grade students passed the YCT3 (Youth Chinese Test) and 90% of third grade students passed the YCT4.

STAMP assessment of proficiency in Chinese: STAMP assessment of XinXing students’  proficiency in Chinese: 92% of fourth and fifth graders received a 3 or higher in reading, 94% received a 3 or higher in writing, 85% received a 4 or higher in speaking, and 100% received a 4 or higher in listening. On the STAMP scale of 0-7, standard proficiency is 3 for reading and writing and 4 for speaking and listening. 


Celebrating Chinese Culture

Happenings, Celebrations and Programs: Chinese arts and cultural programming
Immersion Enrichment Opportunities 

There are a wide variety of enrichment classes offered year-round through Hopkins Community Education. Some examples are: Chinese culture, choir, dance, martial arts and the XinXing Television Station. Chinese enrichment classes are very popular and a lot of fun!

Song, Dance and Gong Fu! 

Students in Kindergarten through Grade 2
learn Chinese songs in music class and Chinese dance as part of their cultural enrichment. Those in Grade 3 learn gong fu in Chinese. Students also participate in several performances throughout the year. 


Outstanding Teachers, Staff and Parents

XinXing boasts talented teachers and staff with a special dedication to immersion education and bi-literacy.

Bei Dou Xing, our strong and supportive parent organization, is committed to providing support for the cultural components of the program.

Two guest teachers sent by the Hanban, Confucius Institute in China, support and enhance XinXing teaching and learning. 

Our experienced leader with an understanding of immersion education, Principal Paul Domer will be making school visits during his trip to China this November.


What Happens Next? XinXing@West 

XinXing@West is for students who have completed an elementary Chinese immersion program. Our exceptional secondary continuation program will develop students’ linguistic and cultural proficiency in Chinese through secondary Chinese immersion courses in the study of culture, current events, history, literature, and science. 

As part of the rigorous secondary Chinese track, XinXing@West is designed for Chinese immersion students. Additionally, an 8th grade experience in China will be available! This trip will be open to all XinXing students and funded in part by the Bei Dou Xing parent group.

Looking ahead — the program will continue at Hopkins High School (grades 10-12). Students will be able to take a variety of Chinese AP (Advanced Placement) and CiS (College in the Schools) courses, providing students up to 16 potential college credits by graduation.