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Transition Plus is a joint program, among the Hopkins, St. Louis Park, and Minnetonka school districts, that works with young adults with disabilities, ages 18 to 21.

We specialize in the areas of transition that prepare students for independent life:

  • Jobs and job training
  • Recreation and leisure
  • Community participation
  • Independent living
  • Post-secondary/Post-school planning

Using the IEP team process, Transition Plus services help students achieve their goals by providing specialized instruction, training, and support. Students have access to skill-development activities designed to meet their individual needs in the five transition areas listed above. 

How does my young-adult child qualify for Transition Plus?

To receive Transition Plus services, students must:

  • Have an active IEP (Individual Education Plan for special education services)
  • Have goals and needs indicated in the five areas of transition
  • Have completed their senior year of high school
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 21

How are Transition Plus services provided?

Transition Plus is a community-based program. Partnerships include:

  • Community agencies
  • Community and Technical Colleges
  • Vocational Rehabilitative Services
  • Hennepin County Human Services
  • Local business partners

What services does Transition Plus provide?

 Here are some examples of the opportunities and services we offer:

  • Career exploration through work experience seminar and support of a Work Coordinator
  • Community participation through exploration and planning, both individually and within teams
  • Community work experience and volunteer opportunities (Limited job coach support is also available)
  • Post-secondary exploration, including Hennepin Technical College Pathways courses
  • Recreation and leisure, including community outings
  • Public transportation training, including study support for driver's permit
  • Skill-development activities focused on the five areas of transition and based on the individual needs of the students enrolled

Will my child receive a high school diploma if he or she participates in Transition Plus?

Diplomas are held for students who choose to attend Transition Plus. They may participate in the graduation ceremonies with their class, but they will return to school in the fall to continue their education based on the transition needs that are indicated in their IEP. Students may earn their diploma through the completion of their IEP goals, rather than the completion of credits. Once the IEP team determines that the IEP goals have been met, the student may take his or her diploma.

For more information:

Call Elisabeth Kallman, Transition Plus Program Coordinator and Social Worker, at 952.928.6401 or see the link below for detailed Transition Areas Curriculum.

School Hours

Front Desk
8:30 - 3:30

Student Hours
9:30 - 3:30

Staff Hours
8:00 - 4:00

Program Coordinator: Elisabeth Kallman