Students On Academic Rise

SOAR Today... College Tomorrow! 

Students On Academic Rise (SOAR) is a twice-weekly after school program dedicated to providing the necessary support and assistance to make college attendance achievable for all of our students. SOAR strives to improve academic achievement and develop leadership in students by providing mentorship and tutoring, developing connections with families.

Join the SOAR Family

Students applying to SOAR will need to complete a SOAR application including a teacher recommendation and return it to Ms. Campbell. Hard copies of the applications are also available at West Junior High.


Qualifying students:

  • Seventh- or eighth-graders at Hopkins West Junior High
  • Identified as having academic/leadership potential
  • Have C's or higher in all classes
  • Scored in the high 2's or low 3's on MCA tests

Priority is given to students who are first-generation college attendees and/or receive free or reduced-priced lunch (information release required).

High Expectations

Students admitted to the program are held to a high standard of behavior and academic performance. Maintaining eligibility requires students admitted to the program to:

  • maintain C's or higher in all classes
  • receive few discipline referrals
  • consistent attendance of SOAR sessions

The SOAR Cheer in Action

SOAR Success

SOAR has been creating academic success stories since it began in 2007. Here are some highlights:

  • Four students have achieved a 4.0 GPA since the program began
  • In its first year, SOAR helped 67% of students raise their GPA
  • The average GPA in the 2009-2010 school year was 3.2
  • One student has a single-quarter GPA increase from 1.8 to 3.0

"SOAR helped me become more serious about my schoolwork. It gave me a reason to get high grades. It gave me opportunities that help me get my work done."

-Former SOAR student

"I want to personally thank all the coaches of SOAR. You have taken my precious child and helped her to get through a difficult stage of her life and to appreciate and value school. She loves SOAR and loves each of you."

-Parent of a SOAR student

"I can't even begin to tell you my feelings about the work you have done with SOAR. The program is transformational not only for students, their families, but also with the staff."
-Terry Wolfson, former West Junior High principal