ALM service project to fight SMA

March 21, 2011

HOPKINS WEST JR. HIGH ALM Service Project                











The 9th grade ALM class at Hopkins West Jr. High organized a spectacular banquet that was held Friday, March 4th at the Christ Presbyterian Church in Edina.  After a delicious dinner, catered by Buca di Peppo Italian Restaurant, the audience was entertained by a magician and a singer/guitarist.  There was a silent auction and live auction for an ipad.  Ms Weinhold, the ALM advisor, commended the students as excellent event planners.  They were in charge of all the details for the evening and it ran very smoothly.  

The service project was to raise money and awareness to fight SMA. SMA stands for Spinal Muscular Atrophy caused by the mutation of the SMN gene. It is a genetic disease that causes motor neurons to degenerate. As a result, the muscles are weakened from lack of use and they can have trouble breathing. Although there are ways to treat the respiratory problems, there is currently no cure or treatment for SMA.  


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ALM Service project for SMA is a huge success
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