XinXing @ West

XinXing @ West is for students who have completed an elementary Chinese immersion program

XinXing @ West is for students who have completed an elementary Chinese immersion program. Our exceptional continuation program develops students' linguistic and cultural proficiency in Chinese through the study of culture, current events, history, literature, and science. 

XinXing @ West is part of a rigorous secondary Chinese track, designed for immersion students. As part of the secondary program, students will be able to take a variety of Chinese AP (Advanced Placement) and CIS (College in the Schools) courses, providing students up to 16 potential college credits. 

A bi-literacy approach to learning 

Our innovative and rigorous secondary track focuses on three content areas: Chinese language and culture, social studies, and science. Social studies and science are taught using a bi-literacy approach, meaning the courses have both English and Chinese components. Social studies is taught in Chinese and English, and science is taught in English with homework in Chinese.

Eighth-grade trip to China

In the spring of 2016, for the first time ever, the eighth-grade XinXing class traveled to China for two weeks as part of a home-stay and research project. All XinXing students will have the opportunity to participate in the trip during eighth-grade. The trip is sponsored and funded in part by the parent group, Bei Dou Xing. 

Partnership with Shanghai 

West Junior High has established a sister school partnership with the Cosco Experimental School in Shanghai, China. The partnership has resulted in many shared learning experiences between the two schools.  

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Dr. Shirley Gregoire