About Us

Our Mission Statement

We challenge and inspire students to be courageous, life-long learners who responsibly contribute to an evolving global community.


Recognized School of Excellence

Recognized for a long-standing tradition of academic excellence, Hopkins West Junior High is Minnesota's first national middle level school of excellence. Hopkins West has also been named by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) named as one of "100 Highly Effective" middle-level schools in the country. 

Engaging and Enriching Students

Our school provides over 900 students in 7th through 9th grade a rigorous core curriculum of English, math, science, social studies, and reading. An extensive experiential program is offered in the visual arts, physical education, technical education, and family and consumer sciences. Additionally, students elect to take performing arts as well as world languages. A technology-rich culture of innovation promotes problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that serve our students well in a global environment.

Passionate about Learning

Caring, dynamic, and dedicated teachers strive to ensure that our students receive the best education possible. With 80% of our teachers holding masters degrees or beyond, we model life-long learning for our students. We understand the unique intellectual, social, emotional, physical characteristics of young adolescents, and we are committed to providing a safe environment for them to learn and grow.

What Students and Parents Say

"Hopkins West Junior High is a great environment, offering opportunities to expand one's knowledge to no limit." -WJH Student

"I like the fact that a lot of the classrooms have interactive boards. The technology makes learning more enjoyable and helps you get into the subject you are learning." -WJH Student

"You will be amazed at the creativity, energy and enthusiasm of the teachers at West. They are astounding in their talent, excitement and ability to love these kids who are at point where even their own parents sometimes find that a stretch." -WJH Parent

"Teachers are passionate, caring and enthusiastic. My junior high teachers never danced and sang!" -WJH Parent

From Our Principal

While practically every school in Minnesota states that they have wonderful staff, it is clear this school has not a wonderful, but rather, an exceptional staff.

Our program is designed to offer a strong core curriculum, rich exploratory options that include nurturing the arts, and a variety of extra-curricular activities that provide something for every interest.

Come visit us! We trust you will find Hopkins West as a special place where a strong sense of community is fostered.


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West Junior High Human Rights Policy

These rights apply to all persons–students and staff at West and to the entire school day including after school activities and travel to and from school.

Additional WJH School Policies

Academic Honesty, Assessment, Language, Inclusion / Special Education Needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions parents frequently ask about our policies and procedures.

Junior High Grading

The new grading procedure uses best practices to provide students and families with consistent information on students’ academic progress.