Hopkins Achievement Program (HAP)



HAP is a small learning community at Hopkins High, specifically designed to help students develop both the academic skills and personal attributes necessary for success inside and outside of school. The focus of the student's learning experience centers on the development of their class- room participation skills, completion of course standards and understanding the importance of maintaining consistent attendance.

Self-responsibility is stressed through the application of logical and/or natural consequences. Lastly, as a regular school academic option, students need to have a desire and interest in academic learning in order to succeed in HAP.


General Information

  • Any high school student may apply to enroll in HAP. Following an interview with the HAP Coordinator and with input from appropriate staff, a recommendation is made as to whether or not the student should be accepted. Upon this recommendation, a meeting is then held with the parent(s) and the student to ensure there is agreement that HAP is an appropriate educational choice.
  • HAP is designed to build an educational program for students that utilize the strengths of both regular and alternative class offerings.
  • Students may take from one to four classes in HAP depending on their needs and interests. Remaining coursework, would need to be completed in regular high school classes. Students have the option to participate in any other educational option available to Hopkins High students, such as Hennepin Technical College.
  • The HAP class schedule is identical to that of the high school. HAP classes are offered blocks 1 through 4.
  • Students in HAP have the same status, rules, and expectations as any Hopkins High student. All school services and opportunities are available as needed or wanted.
  • HAP has eight grading/marking periods (twice per term). Each report will include the students' attendance, the amount of credit earned and a letter grade or a "P" (pass), depending on if full credit was earned or not.



  • Attendance is a critical component of HAP, as it is directly tied to the amount of credit a student earns and will affect the daily points earned toward their final grade in a class. 
  • Students must not average more than two excused absences (90%) from school in any marking period or their credit will be reduced at the end of the term. If credit is reduced, it will be done in quarter credit increments (e.g. .75, .50 or .25), depending on how many absences/tardies the student has. Credit is automatically reduced for class cuts or unexcused tardiness. 
  • Lost credit can be made up by either taking classes in summer school, the Graduation Incentives after school program or by repeating the class in the next school year.  



  • Students are evaluated on their mastery of course standards, the quality of the interpersonal skills they demonstrate in acquiring the knowledge presented and in the level of their classroom participation skills.
  • While emphasis is placed on the student's daily classroom performance, rather than on homework, students are responsible for monitoring their progress in class and for making up missing work/standards on their own time. 
  • Letter grades are given to reflect the "quality" of the student's summative assessments (50%), classroom citizenship (20%), effort (20%) and daily practice (10%). However, if a student only earns partial credit, they may only earn a "P" or pass. 
  • Students and parents will receive eight bi-quarterly marking period reports during the year. A mid-marking period progress report will also be sent out to parents to keep them updated on their student's progress. Immediate access to HAP grades/credit are always available to you on the Parent/Student Portal of Infinite Campus


  • Students must demonstrate mastery of 100% of their course standards and have 90% or better attendance in order to receive full credit (1.0). Credit will be reduced in quarter credit increments for partial mastery of course standards and/or maintaining less than 90% classroom attendance. 
  • Students who earn less than 80% of their class credit are considered to not be making "adequate progress" and must show improvement to continue in HAP. 
  • Full-time students can earn up to four credits a term in HAP. They can also participate in the work experience program and earn an additional credit.  


  • Students may take HAP Language Arts, Fine Arts, Social Studies, Health, Geometry, Algebra 2, Biology, Chemistry, and/or Work Experience courses. Students are also encouraged to take any regular high school courses that fit their needs and interests. 
  • HAP offers student leadership development through its involvement the Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs (MAAP) Stars program. Students who apply and are accepted into this special program opportunity will be a part of events that go on throughout the year, culminating in a spring events conference.