AVID Program

Our AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program is a nationally recognized approach to ensuring that ALL students are successful in a rigorous curriculum. AVID's systemic approach is designed to support students and educators as they improve school/district-wide learning and performance. 

Who is an AVID student?

  • Has academic potential
  • Has dreams of college
  • Needs a wider system of support to meet their potential
  • Under-represented in higher education

What is the AVID elective class?

  • Credit-earning class
  • Provides a community of support
  • Teaches skills for high achievement

W = Writing
I = Inquiry
C = Collaboration
O = Organization
R = Reading

Our goals for students are that they will:

  • Complete a rigorous college (and career) preparatory path
  • Actively engage in the school community
  • Increase their enrollment in four-year colleges
  • Become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society


Application process:

  1. Provide thoughtful answers to the application questions
  2. Turn in your application to Student Services or Guidance Office
  3. Interview with AVID teacher
  4. If accepted, AVID teacher will help you determine how it best fits in your schedule

Contact Information:

Hopkins AVID District Director
Matt Kappel

Hopkins High SchoolNorth Junior High SchoolWest Junior High School

Fatuma Ali - Grade 10

Matt Kappel - Grade 11

Jennifer Heimlich - Grade 12

Kristin Lee - Grade 7

Michael LoPresti -Grade 8

Angela Wilcox - Grade 9

Angie Hugo - Grades 7 & 8

Matt Scroggins - Grade 9