Student Wellness Council

healthy schools bannerThe Gatewood Student Wellness Council is a group of staff members, students, and parents that work together to provide information to students and parents about staying healthy while at school and at home. Our goal is to plan activities, provide information, and encourage movement throughout the day.

In 2011, we submitted our application to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and won the Bronze Award for providing a healthy meal program and fun physical activities for our students.

Every month, students meet and discuss how they can make Gatewood a healthier place for our students, teachers, staff and families. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Arndt (staff) at 952-988-5243 or or Katy Tessman Stanoch (staff & parent)  at

The Student Wellness Council focuses on:

Learn more about Hopkins School District's Healthy Kids. The group's monthly newsletter "Food For Thought" concentrates on issues selected by the students. Please click on the links below.