Volunteer at Our School

A little of your time goes a long way! Join fellow Eisenhower + XinXing Academy parents today through our various volunteer opportunities!

If each of the 500+ families at Eisenhower + XinXing Academy volunteered once a year, we would have more help than we would know what to do with! All of the events at our school are organized and run by volunteer parents. The money raised at these vents helps fund teacher requests, field trips, and so much more! Please consider helping with one of the events below and sign up to help make Eisenhower + XinXing Academy great! For more information, contact our Volunteer Coordinator Farhiyo Rashid at Farhiyo.Rashid@gmail.com.

Volunteer at Our School

School-Wide Support

      ___  Yearbook Committee

      ___  Event Photographer

      ___  Gardening Club

      ___  Co-Volunteer Coordinator

Event Suppor Team

      ___  Fall Festival 

      ___  Fall Fundraising Activities 

      ___  Conference Meals (fall and spring)

      ___  Talent Show

      ___  International Potluck

      ___  Imagination Fair 

      ___  Read-a-Thon

      ___  Field Day

      ___  Twins Game 

One-Time Opportunities

      ___  Picture Day Assistant – Sept. 13, 2017

      ___  Restaurant Fundraiser Nights

      ___  Student Snacks for State Testing Days

Classroom Opportunities

      ___  Art Adventure

      ___  Student Reading Support

      ___  Home Room Parent/PTO Liaison

      ___  Other Help as Needed

At-Home Opportunities

      ___  PTO Support

      ___  Silent Auction Committee



  • Attend Events and PTO Meetings
  • Collect Box Tops and turn them into your child’s teacher 
  • Volunteer with the PTO at least one (1) hour for each kid at school
  • Show Your Spirit and/or Purchase Spirit Wear
School Hours

Grades K–6

XinXing Academy

Office Hours

Kids & Company


Melissa Ness, Principal Sara Schmidt, Assistant Principal