About Us

Alice Smith Elementary School is one of six elementary schools within the Hopkins School District. It is a K–6 school with an enrollment of 580 students and is located near downtown Hopkins.

Alice Smith Elementary School staff is committed to excellence and equity for every student, every day. We work as partners with families to create a safe and innovative learning environment for our students. Our entire community is united in their commitment to help each child in their efforts to succeed.      

Our History

Alice Smith Elementary School opened in 1952. It was named after a first-grade teacher who taught in the Hopkins School District for 29 years, beginning in 1919. Alice was also a friendly neighbor. In her later years, she invited children to play in her treasure-filled attic.

When it opened, Alice Smith Elementary School welcomed 500 students and contained 20 elementary classrooms. Additions to the school were completed in 1961 and 1995. During the second addition, the media center was remodeled and the outdoor classroom was built. In 1997, Alice Smith Elementary School became an International Peace Site, which means it is committed to the five Peace Actions: Seek peace within yourself and others, reach out in service, protect the environment, respect diversity, and be a responsible citizen of the world.