Question Two: Capital Projects Levy

Advance the Innovation 

Voters will also be asked to repeal the 2010 and 2013 existing capital project levies, which currently generate $9.4 million annually for curriculum and technology, and combine them into one levy. The District is proposing a slight increase of less than half a percent (.44%), which would generate an additional $500,000 annually. If approved, this would cost the average homeowner in our District $1 per month.

About the Capital Projects Levy 

The capital projects levy is a vital resource to the innovation that is happening in the classroom every day. Projects supported through this levy allow Hopkins Public Schools to create robust digital learning environments in our classrooms, from preschool through high school. 

The Capital Projects Levy also allows us to:

  • Purchase curriculum, instructional materials, and textbooks
  • Upgrade and replace technology equipment and infrastructure
  • Provide technology support and staffing
  • Implement one-to-one digital device programs
  • Support teachers with the tools, materials, and expertise required for high-quality teaching
  • Enhance students' interest and engagement, and communicate with families
  • Replace and upgrade technology equipment and media center resources

The Hopkins community strongly supports technology 
Hopkins has a rich history of using technology to personalize, enhance, and transform education. As part of the innovations provided by the capital projects levy, the secondary program has a fully implemented one-to-one device program—iPads at the junior highs and Chromebooks at the high school. The learning potential of these devices are enhanced by a talented teaching community that harnesses the power of technology to create better experiences in the classroom.


Please contact or call the referendum hotline at 952-988-4099.