Question One: Bond

Build for the Future 

Voters will be asked to authorize a $30 million bond to fund renovations and repairs to school sites and facilities. Approximately $6.9 million will be used to refinance our lease levy at a lower interest rate, at a cost savings to our taxpayers. If approved, this would cost the average homeowner in our District $2 per month.


Your Investment 

Expansions: 38 percent

  • $7.4 million will be used to expand Meadowbrook Elementary in response to growing enrollment. This expansion includes a seven-classroom addition.

  • $3.77 million will be used to expand the Hopkins High School cafeteria into a single dining room area, and also remodel the kitchen and meal service area. 
    • This expansion would create a single location for students to eat lunch. 
    • The kitchen remodel would eliminate overcrowding in the service lines and allow the the District to produce its own baked goods, eliminating the need to outsource.

Refinance Lease Levy: 23 percent 

  • $6.9 million will be used to refinance our lease levy at a lower interest rate, saving our taxpayers money.  

Renovate and Increase Learning Spaces: 20 percent  

  • $6.18 million will be used to update and increase learning spaces at the high school and both junior highs. As part of these renovations, underutilized spaces will be converted into multi-functional learning spaces, and unused space will be reconfigured to meet the needs of new curriculum and programs. Specific projects include:

    • Outdated labs at the junior highs will be reconfigured to create large, hands-on active learning labs, supporting design, prototyping, and testing activities. The newly designed labs align with the requirements of our International Baccalaureate Middle Years program at the junior high level.

    • The old commons room at the high school will be configured into a multi-purpose room, which will allow more students to access music programs. 

Update Common Areas and Recreational Facilities: 19 percent

$6.2 million will be used to:  

    • Upgrade common areas and recreational facilities at the high school
    • Provide additional storage at the high school for arts, athletics, and activities programs
    • Improve the fields at West Junior High
    • Reconfigure the parking lot at Glen Lake Elementary, which addresses safety concerns





How does the cost of the Hopkins bond compare to neighboring 

school districts?  

Many school districts are going out for bond referendums this fall. When compared to our nearest neighbors, Hopkins Public Schools is asking for a much lower amount, meaning a lower tax impact to our residents. The graph on the left compares the bond amount Hopkins Public Schools is asking for with three neighboring school districts. 





Please contact or call the referendum hotline at 952-988-4099.