Questions and Answers about Free Student Meal Ordering & Pick up

Answers to your questions about free student meal ordering and pick up during the COVID-19 school closure.

Meals served to families and enjoyed by families.

Is there any cost for this food?

There is no cost for this food service. Our current plan is to continue to offer free student meals for all children, ages 18 and younger. The District is paid for these meals through the United States Department of Agriculture. 

How do I place an order for meals? 

Use the meal order form link below to order your meals each week. 

CLICK HERE TO ORDER Free Student Meals

What is the timeline for ordering meals?

Order meals by Monday for curbside pick up on Thursday, ALL FAMILIES, 8:30-11:30 am. The meal order form will be open at noon on Fridays and remain open over the weekend until 2 pm on Mondays.

Do I have to order meals each week? 

Yes. We are unable to accept standing meal orders from one week to the next. The key from here is consistency. If you ordered meals this week, please continue to order them in the weeks to come. This will help the District with revenue and staffing. 

Can I order more than one bag if I have more children at home?

Yes.You can order meals for children 18 years of age or younger living in your home.

Can I order meals for adults in my family?

No, this food is for school-aged children and youth 18 years and under. If your child(ren) are between the ages 1- 18, or enrolled in a Transitions Plus program, they are eligible to receive these free meals.

Where do I pick up the meals?

Pick up locations are scheduled curbside at Hopkins schools. Meals must be picked up during designated days and times. Directions will be included in the weekly meal order form.  Whenever possible, children are encouraged to accompany parents to pick up the meals. Social distancing practices are in place. 

What if I have no way to pick up the meals?

Critical Need Home Delivery for families enrolled in Hopkins Schools can be requested when completing the pre-order. Someone must be available to accept the delivery from the school representative or volunteer. 

Can I donate my meals?

No, if meals are ordered, they must be picked up and to be utilized by the family picking up the meals. The District is reimbursed for these meals through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). According to USDA regulations, we can only claim and get paid for the meals that are served to families.

Will this food be available during the weekend, too? 

Hopkins meals have been expanded to include for all 7 days of the week. Your food package will include breakfasts and lunches for 7 days. Pre-order meals by Monday for curbside pick up on Thursday, ALL FAMILIES, 8:30 AM-11:30 AM AM

Do I have a choice of food?  

No. The contents delivered will meet the USDA Meal Pattern Requirements to feed one (1) child, age 1-18, seven (7) breakfasts and seven (7) lunches with suggested sample daily breakfast and lunch options. The menu is posted on the meal order form weekly.  Some product substitutions may be necessary based on availability and shipping limitations. 

Where can I find nutritional information about this food?

The contents of one (1) bag meet the USDA Meal Pattern Requirements to feed one (1) child, age 1-18, A detailed flyer describes the contents, suggested reheating instructions, along with sample daily breakfast and lunch options. If you need more detailed nutrition information, please request a call in the notes section of the order form. 

Do I have to be eligible for free or reduced meals? 

No, We have families participating for many reasons. Here are some reasons how families have found that it helps them:

  • Financially, between my husband and me, we've taken pay cuts and have less of a sense of what our financial future is in the next several months. Having the kids' lunches and breakfasts covered every day does make a difference. There's usually enough milk that we haven't even had to purchase any additional milk for the household for a few weeks.

  • The mental overload of trying to plan out all these meals every day for the kids while we are all home and trying to work, that is where the real win takes place. It's one less thing we need to think about. And believe, me, our brains and emotional states are maxed out!

  • It gives us a sense of solidarity with our school district and our school. We're so grateful that the district is in a position to provide these services, and by doing so, the school, the workers and volunteers are part of the process that is getting us all through this mess together.

  • We are in week 5 of the schools feeding the kids. I've only had to get milk and eggs twice, on top of what they give us. Saves on money and it helps me with the stay at home order.

To receive food, do I have to prove that my child is a Hopkins student?

No identification or paperwork is required. Food is available for any child 18 years and younger. Along with children ages 18 years and younger, other persons eligible to participate are those over 18 years of age who are determined by the State or local educational agency or a local public education agency as having a mental or physical disability and who participate during the school year in a public or private non-profit school program established for the mentally or physically disabled.

What other food resources are available?

Find additional resources here: The Loop

Who can I call with questions?

Hopkins School Nutrition Office 952-988-4060 or email

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