Everything You Need to Enroll

Per Hopkins Public Schools policy, any student (including approved open enrolled students) wishing to attend a school in the District is required to provide transcripts, immunization records, and notice of emancipation or legal guardianship if the child is residing with someone other than his/her biological parent. If you live out of the District, you need to apply through open enrollment first. See In-district & Out-of-District Options.

What documents do I need to bring to enroll my child?

Proof of residency (one of the following)

  • Utility bill delivered within last 30 days; (water, electrical, or gas bill)
  • Original copy of current fully executed (signed) lease/rental agreement or purchase agreement for home 

Transcripts or latest report card

Immunizationsplease see the District's immunization information

School enrollment forms, available at the school or download at the links, by grade, below. You can also complete the enrollment form online. Proof of residency and other documents will need to be submitted after the online enrollment form is complete.

The following documents will be needed, but are not required to enroll:

  • Copy of current IEP and last evaluation plan, if applicable
  • Original Birth certificate or passport (required for kindergarten and students new to United States)

Enrollment forms can be turned in by:

  • Fax: 952-988-4113
  • Email: Enrollment@hopkinsschools.org
  • Mail: 1001 Highway 7, Hopkins, MN 55305
  • Drop Off/In Person: At any School Buildings will be closed until April 6th, 2020

The District Enrollment Office is located at 1001 Highway 7, Hopkins. It is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., except in the summer, when it will close at 3 p.m. on Fridays.


Kindergarten Enrollment

Information and forms to enroll your child for kindergarten.

Grades 1–6 Enrollment

Information and forms to enroll your child in grades 1–6.

Grades 7–9 Enrollment

Information and forms to enroll your child in grades 7–9.

Grades 10–12 Enrollment

Information and forms to enroll your child in Hopkins High School.

Enroll Online

Rather than completing the paper forms, Hopkins residents may use our online enrollment module. Information for all family members need only be entered once, saving you time!