• 2021-2022
  • Regular Meeting

Official School Board Minutes

Regular Meeting of the School Board
October 26, 2021

The regular meeting of the Board of Education of Independent School District 270 was conducted in person on Tuesday October 26, 2021. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

School Board members present: Treasurer Steve Adams, Vice Chair Shannon Andreson, Chair Jennifer Bouchard, Director Tanya Khan, Director John Kuhl, and Clerk Katie Pederson. School Board members absent: Director Fartun Ahmed.

Student Board reps present: Elif Ozturk (10), Isabella McCoy (11), Parker Chelikowsky (12). Student Board reps absent: None. Staff members present: Superintendent Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed. Staff members absent: None.

Open Agenda — Public Comments on Agenda Items

Bouchard noted that no Open Agenda comments were submitted.


Student Board Representative

Chelikowsky, McCoy and Ozturk shared updates on senior college admissions, survey accessibility and additional events in the district.


Dr. Mhiripiri-Reed updated board members on district events including the addition of the ICA Food Market and Resource Center at Gatewood Elementary and highlighted our Human Resources team and their efforts. Chair Bouchard also shared information on partnership with Hennepin County and former Assistant Board Chair, and current Commissioner, Chris LaTondresse.

Approval of Agenda

Khan moved, Adams seconded, to approve the agenda as presented. Carried.

Consent Calendar

Kuhl moved, Pederson seconded, to approve the Consent Calendar as presented: A) Approval of Minutes — Regular Meeting Conducted on October 5, 2021; B) Human Resources — Personnel Updates; C) Policies in Second Read [203.6, 210, 250, 251, 253, 254, 255, and 256]; D) Tentative Agreement with Service Employees International Union Local 284 – Paraprofessional Employees; E) Tentative Agreement with Hopkins School Nutrition Employees (HSNE). Carried.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Adams highlighted expenses of interest. Adams moved, Pederson seconded, to approve financial disbursements in the amount of $4,975,607.69 for the period of September 28, 2021 through October 18, 2021. Carried.

Policies in First Read

Policy 303: Superintendent Selection Process
Policy 303.1: Interim Superintendent Appointment
Policy 351: Development of Regulations
Policy 353: Temporary Administrative Arrangements
Policy 354: Program Consultants

Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Lightfoot and Vice Chair Andreson provided background on the above policies stating they are routinely presented to the board this time of year. One change to 303 was to change section IV. A. to “An inclusive” process for recruitment, screening, and interviewing of candidates shall be developed by the School Board. Lightfoot noted minor grammatical changes to policy 353 and no additional changes were recommended for the remaining policies.

Andreson moved, Adams seconded that the Board approves the above policies in First Reading; further, the Board directs the Administration to prepare the policies (with suggested revisions) for approval in Second Reading at the next meeting (as part of Consent).

Transfer of funds from ECFE fund Balance to Community Ed General Fund

Director Chapinduka informed the Board that Community Education is requesting a transfer of $300,000 from the Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) restricted fund balance to the Community Education General fund. The Minnesota Legislature and the Department of Education has allowed districts to transfer funds between departments to offset the financial impact of COVID-19 during fiscal years 2020 and 2021 only.

Director Fisher explained the purpose of the transfer. He stated that the ECFE reserve account is set aside specifically for items such as instructional materials, tech equipment and salaries. The regular Community Education fund has more flexibility and can be used for enrichment activities, salaries, early learning, adult basic education and more. The request of transferring the $300,000 dollars will be used to help with the shortfalls within the Enrichment, High Quality Child care and Early Learning areas of Community Education.

Board members asked for clarification as to why ECFE funding will be taken and if the impact will be harmful to the department and to ensure continued funding would occur in years to come. Director Fisher, shared that the ECFE fund balance is healthy and continues to grow year after year as funds are granted. Highlighting that ECFE would have a fund balance of over $260,000 even after the transfer.

Khan moved, Adams seconded that the Board authorizes the transfer of funds from ECFE Fund Balance to Community Education General Fund to cover projected budget shortfalls in Community Education programs. Those voting in favor thereof: Adams, Andreson, Khan, Kuhl, Pederson, and Bouchard. Those unable to vote: Ahmed. Carried.

Board Member Reports

Board members reported on recent educational activities/events in which they have participated.

Public Comment Items — Not on Agenda

Bouchard noted that no public comments were presented.

Adams moved, Pederson seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 8:14 p.m. Carried.



Katie Pederson, School Board Clerk