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  • Regular Meeting

Official School Board Minutes

Regular Meeting of the School Board
March 15, 2022

The regular meeting of the Board of Education of Independent School District 270 was conducted in person on Tuesday March 15, 2022. The meeting was called to order at  7:05 p.m. 

School Board members present: Treasurer Steve Adams, Vice Chair Andreson Chair Jennifer Bouchard, Director Rachel Hartland, Director Jason Ross, Director Tanya Khan and Clerk Katie Pederson. School Board members absent: None.

Student Board reps present: Keymora Searles (11). Student Board reps absent: None.

Staff members present: Superintendent Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed. Staff members absent: None.

Open Agenda

Bouchard explained that Open Agenda is facilitated through a designated voicemail box for recorded messages to be played at the meeting.

Community members; Eloise, Kaitlyn, Renne, Amalia, Raven, Kasha, Claire, Hannah, Jackie, Chris, Ellie, Nancy and Emma addressed the board with topics on the agenda.


Scholar Board Representative

Searles shared their perspective on virtual learning and the enjoyable spirit week.


Mhiripiri-Reed spoke about district events and gratitude for the Hopkins Covid-19 Mitigation Team.

Approval of Agenda 

Adams moved, Pederson seconded, to approve the agenda as presented. Carried.

Consent Calendar 

Andreson moved, Ross seconded, to approve the Consent Calendar as presented: A) Approval of Minutes — Regular Meeting and Executive Session Conducted on March 1, 2022; B) Human Resources — Personnel Updates; C) Policies in Second Read [507 & 551]; D) VirtualEDU Full Accreditation.

Treasurer’s Report 

Treasurer Adams highlighted expenses of interest. Adams moved, Hartland seconded, to approve financial disbursements in the amount $2, 745,937.18 for the period of February 23, 2022 through March 8, 2022. Carried. 

Hopkins’ Mask Policy

At the regularly scheduled Board Meeting on March 1, 2022, a carried motion made by Director Steve Adams and seconded by Director Tanya Khan, tabled the discussion and vote on the recommended changes to Policy 808: Face Coverings.

Vice Chair Andreson and Assistant Superintendent Nik Lightfoot helped continue the conversation.

Lightfoot highlighted that the changes to the policy are focused on incoming data and the flexibility the policy involves based on data and the mitigation document. He also noted that the “strongly recommended” process would go into effect on Thursday March 17th, 2022. Additionally, since this policy has been in front of the Board more than once, the policy change would not need to be presented in second reading on the April 5th, 2022 scheduled Regular Board Meeting.

Adams moved, Andreson seconded; that the Board adopt the presented changes to the Hopkins Mask Policy. Carried.

Resolution of Nonconcurrence

Prior to March 1st of each year, the American Indian Parent Advisory Committee must meet to discuss whether or not they concur with the educational offerings that have been extended by the district to American Indian students. 

American Indian Cultural Liaison, Jessica Glidden, AIPAC Co-Chair, Cassie Buffalohead and AIPAC member Jojo, helped facilitate a presentation to the Board  surrounding the decision and vote of nonconcurrence.  

The school Board has sixty days to respond to the presented resolution and recommendations:

On March 2nd, 2022 the Hopkins American Indian Parent Advisory Committee made a vote of non-concurrence. In order to be concurrent, the American Indian Parent Advisory Committee asks that the Hopkins school board reviews the following recommendations in order to meet the needs of the Indian Education program and its students: 

I. Hire additional American Indian program staff to support the meaningful and imperative work that is being done with American Indian students by the Indian Education Program. Additional American Indian program staff would allow for increased Native Groups, IEP support, increased community events, 

II. Provide more American Indian curriculum lessons. Provide training to staff to be fluent and authentic in teaching the curriculum.

III. Actively recruit American Indian teachers, support staff, counselors and para's district wide to reflect the American Indian population of students at Hopkins Schools. One way of achieving this might be the district using the Grow Your Own Grant to help educate and license American Indian staff and interested American Indian community members. We would also suggest utilizing the Minnesota Department of Education's Minnesota Indian Teacher Training Program. 

The American Indian Parent Advisory Committee offers a possible temporary solution to the recommendations by using ESSER Ill funding to hire an American Indian support staff for the Indian Education Program. It is important that this staff member identifies as Native American. We invite you https://outlook.office.com/calendar/view/month to learn more about our program and the equitable work we are doing that both supports American Indian students and the Vision 2031 plans. 

Andreson moved, and Adams seconded; that the Board accept the Hopkins American Indian Parent Advisory Committee vote of nonconcurrence. Carried. 

Chair Bouchard moved, Khan seconded to take a 10 minute recess and reconvene at 9:05 p.m.

Lindbergh Center Renaming

In June 2021, The Hopkins School Board unanimously approved a resolution directing HPS administration to convene a committee for the purpose of recommending a new name for the building currently known as the Lindbergh Center. This process for soliciting community input and evaluating names was a  collaborative effort between Hopkins Schools and the City of Minnetonka. Community Education Director, Alex Fisher, Learning & Instructional Systems Data Scientist, Dr. Abby Holm and Learning & Instructional Systems Data Scientist, Dre Jefferson presented their data driven findings.

Andreson moved; Hartland seconded; that the Board approves the proposed name change to “Royals Athletic Center”. Carried.

Budget Update

Guided by input from district budget workshops and the Citizen’s Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC), the Director of Business Services, Tariro Chapinduka facilitated a discussion surrounding the Fiscal Year 2022-23 budget with notes on the Predictable Staffing Model 2.0.

Policies in First Read

553: Student Participation: State, National And International Competitions

Vice Chair Andreson introduced policy 553: State, National And International Competitions, noting the only change was to add a link to the gender inclusion policy.

Andreson moved, Adams seconded, that the Board approves the above policies in First Reading; further, the Board directs the Administration to prepare the policies (with suggested revisions) for approval in Second Reading at the next meeting (as part of Consent). Carried.

Superintendent Evaluation Report

Chair Bouchard provided a brief summary of the Executive Session following the regular Meeting scheduled on March 1, 2022, to conduct the Superintendent’s Mid-Year Review. She highlighted Dr. Mhiripiri-Reed’s actions under VIsion 2031 and the six goals: Learning, Culture, Equity, Innovation, Empathy and Operation.

Board Member Reports

Board members reported on recent educational activities/events in which they have participated. 

Public Comment — Items Not on Agenda

Bouchard noted that no public comments were presented for items not on the agenda. Andreson moved, Adams seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 10:01  p.m. Carried.


Katie Pederson, School Board Clerk