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Board Minutes—Regular Meeting 02/21/23

Official School Board Minutes

Regular Meeting of the School Board
February 21, 2023

The regular meeting of the Board of Education of Independent School District 270 was conducted in person on Tuesday February 21, 2023. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. School Board members present: Treasurer Steve Adams, Vice Chair Shannon Andreson, Director Katie Pederson, Clerk Jason Ross, and Chair Jennifer Westmoreland. School Board members absent: Director Rachel Hartland and Director Tanya Khan.

Student Board reps present: Samia Osman (10) and Grace Reilly (11). Student Board reps absent: None.

Staff members present: Superintendent Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed. Staff members absent: None.

Open Agenda — Public Comments on Agenda Items

No public comments were presented. Doug Schmitt stopped by to present the Schmitt Music Educator of the Year Award to Hopkins High School Band Teacher, Nora Tycast.


Scholar Board Report

Student Board Representatives Osman and Reilly shared details on upcoming student events.

Superintendent Report

Superintendent Mhiripiri-Reed highlighted district and community events.

Approval of Agenda

Ross moved, Adams seconded, to approve the agenda as presented. Carried.

Consent Calendar

Pederson moved, Ross seconded, to approve the Consent Calendar as presented: A) Approval of Minutes - Regular Meeting Conducted on February 7, 2023; B) Human Resources Personnel Updates; C) Policies in Second Read [520 & 526]; D) Resolution Directing the Administration to Make Staffing Recommendations; E) Community Education Employee Handbook; F) Out of State Travel Request: Costa Rica; G) Out of State Travel Request: Washington D.C. Carried.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Adams highlighted expenses of interest. Adams moved, Pederson seconded, to approve financial disbursements in the amount of $1,795,522.31 for the period of January 31, 2023 through February 16, 2023. Carried.

Citizen's Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC) Report

The CFAC, in conjunction with District administration, provides annual budget parameters for Board consideration. These parameters are in the form of recommendations for use by the Director of Business Services to develop the 202324 budget.

Tariro Chapinduka, Director of Business Services, was joined by CFAC members Andy Kocemba and Warren Goodroad to present the report, review the recommendations, and respond to Board member questions. CFAC met with the Board at a workshop preceding the meeting to review the report in more detail along with CFAC member Aimée Blatz.

Kocemba summarized the report noting that projected enrollment is decreasing in FY23 and projected to be flat in FY24 and for the foreseeable future. CFAC recommends a 3.0% annual increase in FY24 and FY25 in total salaries and wages (62% of total expenditures), an increase in Fringe benefits by 3.0% (42% of total compensation) for FY24, and an increase of 7.0% for purchased Services, Utilities, Transportation and Supplies on an annual basis.

Warren Goodroad announced that after 12 years with CFAC, 2023 will be his last year. Chair Westmoreland and CFAC members recognized Goodroad for his service.

Adams moved; Ross seconded; that the Board accepts the Citizens Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC) Report. Carried.

Policies in First Read

  • Policy 602: District Calendar
  • Policy 605: Alternative Learning Program

Lightfoot and Andreson noted minor changes to policy 602 and no changes to policy 605.

Andreson moved; Adams seconded; that the Board approves Policies in First Read; further, the Board directs the Administration to prepare the policies (with suggested revisions) for approval in Second Reading at the next meeting as part of Consent. Carried.

Board Member Reports

Board members reported on recent educational activities/events in which they have participated. 

Public Comment — Items not on Agenda

No public comments for "items not on the agenda" were presented.


Pederson moved, Adams seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 7:56 p.m. Carried.



Jason Ross, School Board Clerk