Retirement 2021

Join us to celebrate our staff members retiring in the 2020-21 school year! 

Mark your calendar for Monday, May 24! Hopkins will host its first-ever hybrid retirement celebration which includes a drive-through recognition parade at the Eisenhower Community Center followed by a virtual ceremony hosted by the Hopkins School Board. 

2021 Retirement Celebration  
Monday, May 24, 2020

4:45 p.m. — Drive-through Retirement Event
Eisenhower Community Center
Please come and cheer on your favorite retiree. Make a sign, ring a bell, bring a bullhorn — anything goes! 

(If you plan to cheer on a retiree, please show up to the Eisenhower Community Center by 4:30 and you will be directed where to go)

7 p.m. — Virtual Retirement Celebration 
Watch the live YouTube premiere embedded on this page, or view directly on YouTube.

Retirement Parade 2021

"Every great teacher has to retire one day, but their deeds and their teachings always remain in the hearts of their students." 

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Meet Our Retirees

Hopkins Retiree.

Food Preparation Worker — Eisenhower Elementary
25 Years of Service

Hopkins Retiree.

Band Teacher — Hopkins High School
22 Years of Service

Lori Breidenbach; a smiling woman.

Graduation Incentives Teacher — Hopkins High School
21 Years of Service

Brian Cosgriff; a man smiles and talks on a cell phone.

Physical Education Teacher — Alice Smith Elementary
37 Years of Service

Kristy Dirks; a smiling woman.

Administrative Assistant — Community Education
32 Years of Service

Mark French; a man smiles and gives a double thumbs up.

Principal — Gatewood Elementary
4 Years of Service

Colleen Haggar; a woman stands on a backyard deck.

Work Experience Teacher — Transition Plus
19 Years of Service

Hopkins Retiree.

Learning Support Paraprofessional — Gatewood Elementary
23 Years of Service

Annette Leighton; a woman stands in a path between rows of flowers.

Title I Teacher — Eisenhower Elementary + XinXing Academy
19 Years of Service

Patti Malberg; a smiling woman.

Special Education Teacher — Hopkins High School
33 Years of Service

Bobbi McLaird; a smiling woman.

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and Board of Education
31 Years of Service

Marie Menick; a smiling woman.

Speech Language Pathologist — Glen Lake Elementary
17 Years of Service

Hopkins Retiree.

Technology and Information Services Secretary
32 Years of Service

Ivar Nelson; a smiling man wearing sunglasses.

Director of Technology and Information Services
7 Years of Service

Laura Pederson; a smiling woman.

Kindergarten Teacher — Eisenhower Elementary + XinXing Academy
38 Years of Service

Hopkins Retiree.

Elementary Teacher — Alice Smith Elementary
30 Years of Service

Sherrie Reese; a smiling woman.

Student Activities Secretary — Lindbergh Center
22 Years of Service

LeeAnn Rixe-Backes; a woman sitting on steps surrounded by flowers.

Special Education Paraprofessional — Glen Lake Elementary
17 Years of Service

Chuck Schlegel; a smiling man.

Language Arts Teacher — North Junior High
21 Years of Service

Connie Sexton; a smiling woman.

Administrative Assistant — Glen Lake Elementary
32 Years of Service

Hopkins Retiree.

Activities Supervisor — Meadowbrook Elementary
29 Years of Service

Hopkins Retiree.

Grade 4 Teacher — Tanglen Elementary
21 Years of Service

Lisa Walker; a smiling woman.

Adult and Youth Enrichment Coordinator
30 Years of Service

Molly Wieland; a smiling woman.

K-12 World Language and Immersion Coordinator
26 Years of Service

Hopkins Retiree.

Administrative Coordinator — Hopkins High School
15 Years of Service