Reimagining School Parameters

As we move forward on our path toward Vision 2031, we will activate bold change to what school should be for all Hopkins scholars.

At Hopkins Public Schools, we have a long history of innovation, excellence and above all, doing what is right for our students. This past year, COVID-19 and the global pandemic of racial injustice put all education systems in the United States to the test, but at Hopkins we  turned our challenges into opportunities to make things better for our students. 

Under the guidance of a diverse steering committee, we are reviewing key aspects of our district delivery model. The steering committee will conduct the necessary research, identify potential change options and collect our community’s input on these system-wide issues. Our hope is that we can substantially increase student learning through a set of low cost, strategic adjustments to how we organize our schools.

Below are four main areas we are exploring and will bring to the community for feedback and input. 

If you have questions, please contact Alise Hofstad at

High school orchestra students performing outdoors.

Four Areas of Exploration

Your Input is Important to Us!

If you would like to provide us input or feedback, please do so using the feedback feature in your subject matter of interest below.