957: School District Public Relations Program

Policy reflects Minnesota statute and aligns with other District 270 policies.

The Board of Education is committed to establishing and supporting planned and systematic, two-way communications between the Hopkins School District and the entire community.

The Board affirms the following objectives for the public relations program:

1. Keep all identified stakeholders informed in a timely and accurate way

2. Promote two–way communications by soliciting advice and counsel from School Board, employees, students, parents, and other community members on District issues

3. Promote an atmosphere that welcomes public involvement and encourages school– community partnerships.

4. Cooperate with the news media and recognize their right to all public facts.

5. Encourage all School District employees to carry out effective communications as an integral part of their regular responsibilities.

6. Maintain a written integrated communication plan, including the information that is updated and revised annually by the Communications and Marketing team.


Adopted: January 18, 1990
Revised: May 18, 1995; June 2, 2005, March 25, 2015