952: Community Use of School Facilities: Leases

Policy reflects Minnesota statute and aligns with other District 270 policies.

Hopkins Public Schools may enter into lease agreements with organizations and agencies exempt from State and Federal Income Tax for space determined to be excess in School District facilities.

1. The length of lease agreements shall not exceed five years and terms of tenancy shall not extend beyond the date when the district anticipates need for excess facilities.

2. All Capital improvements and interest costs incurred by District 270 as a direct result of leasing excess facilities shall be paid by the tenant over the period of the lease agreement and, unless otherwise stipulated in individual agreements all such improvements shall revert to Hopkins Public Schools upon the expiration of the lease.

3. Rental rates shall be sufficient to insure maintenance and operation of the excess facility and its related functions. In addition to leased space as noted in the tenants formal lease agreement, tenants may schedule common space in the district on a temporary basis in accordance with the facility fee schedule contained in the Facilities Use Handbook. All tenant rental of common spaces will be charged at the Class B level.

4. Use of excess space shall be consistent with the goals and objectives of the District and no tenant shall use space in a manner which interferes with the direct use of related facilities by the District or imposes a substantial impact on District programs.

5. The following priority listing of potential tenant categories reflects the desired use of District 270 surplus facilities.

1) Public Educational Programs - These programs are defined as those which are tax supported (i.e. District 287).

2) Local Community Organizations - These organizations are defined as those local community groups that promote educational, recreational, cultural and civic activities of the community.

3) Public Agencies/Organizations - These organizations are defined as those which are tax supported and do not operate for pecuniary profit (i.e. state, county or city agencies).

4) Private Agencies/Organizations - These organizations operate for the benefit of a restricted group and are not tax supported (i.e. youth organizations, church groups, professional organizations, etc.).

5) Non-Public Educational Programs - These programs are not tax supported and are funded by private contributions or fees.

6. Tenants shall provide appropriate liability insurance and the District shall be held harmless from the acts of omission or commission by such tenants.

7. Lease agreements shall be subject to approval by the Board of Education.


Adopted: June 27, 1985
Revised: August 9, 2000; June 2, 2005, May 15, 2008
Reviewed: April 23, 2015, September 25, 2018