902: Community Use Of School Facilities

Policy reflects Minnesota statute and aligns with other District 270 policies.


The Board of Education of Hopkins Public Schools recognizes the desirability of having the district's school facilities and community centers used as much as possible by community groups to promote educational, recreational, cultural and civic activities of the community. Public school facilities exist primarily for the purpose of serving the educational needs of the youth in the community. No group or organization will be scheduled if requested use interferes with the regular school programs or school sponsored activities. The School District will determine the most appropriate and available use of the District's facility space.


Organizations using school facilities are classified into either district sponsored groups or non-school district sponsored groups. Rental fees for facility usage vary according to the nature and purpose of each group, agency or organization. All other requirements, such as application procedure, standards of conduct during use, supervision, etc., are constant for all user groups regardless of organizational differences. The terms of each classification are as follows:

Class A: Hopkins Public Schools Sponsored Activities.

Class B: Non-profit youth organizations and athletic associations serving primarily school district residents located in the Hopkins Public Schools boundaries.

Class C: Non-profit service organizations, colleges/universities, other schools, adult groups, and non-Hopkins Public School, non-profit based groups.

Class D: Individuals, Private Agencies, Companies and Vendors using District Facilities for Commercial Purposes or Profit. For additional classification information please refer to the Facilities Use Handbook.


Pursuant to state and federal laws, activities sponsored by individuals, agencies, organizations or groups and conducted in District 270 school facilities, whether under contract or by any other arrangement, shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, welfare benefits, or disability.


Adopted: March 21,1996
Revised: April 25, 2002; June 2, 2005; June 15, 2006; May 15, 2008, December 1, 2011, April 23, 2015, April 16, 2019


The following regulations are in effect year-round to govern the use of both indoor and outdoor School District facilities. Refer to the Facilities Use Handbook for further detail on all specifics of using District facilities.


The Hopkins Public Schools is committed to the use of school facilities by residents of all ages, matching appropriate facilities with the specific needs of user groups while achieving a reasonable balance in use between youth and adult programs. Each facility should be available for a variety of groups and none should be dominated by any one group or organization. In the event there are conflicting requests for the same location at the same time, the Community Education Department shall utilize a “meet and confer” process to attempt to resolve conflicts and accommodate the needs of concerned groups.

A. Activities provided for Hopkins Public Schools youth have priority over adults during the early evening hours with the intent not to schedule youth beyond 9:00 p.m. on school nights.

B. Youth will be provided reasonable amounts of time for their programs while every effort will be made to maintain reasonable levels of publicly funded programs for Hopkins Public School adults.

C. Special use areas such as gymnasiums, cafeterias, pools, theaters/auditoriums, activity structures and athletic fields are considered multiple use areas.

To achieve maximum extended day and weekend usage of school facilities with minimum conflict, it is necessary to arrange groups on a priority basis. Access to district facilities is prioritized as follows:

  • FIRST PRIORITY: All Hopkins Public Schools events & activities such as fine arts events, PTA/PTO meetings, athletic events, staff meetings, and Community Education sponsored activities.
  • SECOND PRIORITY: Hopkins Public Schools community based youth groups and Hopkins-Minnetonka Recreation Departments.
  • THIRD PRIORITY: For non-profit organizations and/or private groups which provide educational, civic, recreational or charitable activities and do not charge admissions. This area also includes, colleges, universities, and groups that benefit mostly District residents.
  • FOURTH PRIORITY: Individuals, private agencies, companies and vendors using district facilities for commercial purposes or profit. This area also includes groups consisting mainly of non-District residents.


The application process and all aspects of scheduling the use of district facilities are facilitated by the District Facility Use office through Community Education. Specific details of this process can be found in the Facilities Use Handbook.


Equipment owned by the School District is not included in arrangements for facility use unless specific arrangements are made in advance. Qualified operators (qualifications determined by the District) must be provided for media, auditorium and theater equipment. Please refer to Facilities Use Handbook for specific equipment needs, rates for use and procedures for using District equipment.


The user organization is fully responsible for the safety and supervision of the specific space that they are using and will assume full liability for any damages keeping in mind the following additional regulations:

A. All activities must be under competent and responsible adult supervision (as defined as a high school graduate, 18 years old or older) with an overall site supervisor identified prior to the start of the event use.

B. Admittance to the designated area is not permitted until the adult supervisor is present. District personnel on duty will supervise the operation of facilities, but are not required to supervise the group or its activities.

C. When adult supervision is not adequate, it is the responsibility of the district personnel to report this information to the director of Community Education or designee and take immediate action as appropriate.

D. The District reserves the right to cancel or withhold use privileges if rules and regulations are violated.

E. Responsibility for loss, breakage, or repair of any school property rests solely with the organization using the facility or leader in charge of the group.

F. The organizations site supervisor should be the first to arrive and the last to leave the premises at the conclusion of each event.


A. Users of school facilities shall agree to indemnify the School District for any and all damage to the school or other property by any person or persons attending an activity.

B. All users are required to assume full responsibility for personal injury to any participants or spectators.

C. Groups issued a permit are required to submit a certificate of insurance or endorsement for a general liability policy with $100,000 limits per person, $300,000 aggregate, naming Hopkins Public Schools as the insured or additional insured. Exceptions may be granted but must be approved by the director of Community Education or designee. Certificates or endorsements must be mailed directly to the Community Education Office a minimum of 21 days prior to the first date of the event or the district has the right to cancel the scheduled event.


Please refer to the Facilities Use Handbook for rental charges and fee structures for facilities, equipment, and personnel regarding the use of District facilities.