750: Copyright Policy

Policy reflects Minnesota statute and aligns with other District 270 policies.


The Hopkins School District shall operate in full compliance with the provisions of current copyright laws and Congressional guidelines. Employees and students are to adhere to all provisions of Title 17 of the United States Code, entitled “Copyrights,” and other relevant federal legislation and guidelines related to the duplication, retention, and use of copyrighted materials.

Employees and students of the Hopkins School District are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner consistent with the spirit and intent of the District Copyright Policy.


1. Unlawful copies of copyrighted materials may not be produced on District-owned equipment.

2. Unlawful copies of copyrighted material may not be used with District-owned equipment, within District-owned facilities, or at District-sponsored functions.

3. The legal and insurance protection of the District will not be extended to employees who unlawfully copy and use copyrighted materials.

4. Employees who make copies and/or use copyrighted materials in their jobs are expected to be familiar with published provisions regarding fair use, public display, and computer guidelines. Employees are further expected to be able to provide their supervisor, upon request, the justification based on fair use, public display, or computer guidelines as specified in the copyright law.

5. Employees who use copyrighted materials that do not fall within fair use, public display, or computer guidelines must be able to substantiate that the materials meet one of the following tests:

  • The materials have been purchased from an authorized vendor by the employee or the District and a record of the purchase exists.
  • The materials are copies covered by a licensing agreement between the copyright owner and the District.
  • The materials are being previewed or demonstrated by the user to reach a decision about future purchase or licensing and a valid agreement exists that allows for such use.

6. Guidelines for the use of copyrighted materials shall be readily available from media specialists and/or from District media services.

7. All school employees will have access to the policy and be educated about its implementation. The copyright law in its entirety is available for reference through District media services.


Adopted: June 1996
Revised: October 16, 2007, March 15, 2012
Reviewed: March 3, 2016