676: Research Activities

Recognizing that both school and community can benefit from the results of properly designed and conducted research, the Board will permit the involvement of pupils and staff in selective research activities, provided that the research design and purpose meet the following conditions:

1. Safeguards for the rights and welfare of human subjects are guaranteed.

2. The methods for achieving an informed consent from participants are deemed appropriate and acceptable.

3. The potential benefits of the research are deemed to be of sufficient value as to justify the time involvement of subjects and any district resources that may be required.

4. The research activity must be deemed reasonably free of risks, discomforts or expense for the School District.

5. An offer to answer inquiries concerning procedures and a provision that a subject is free to withdraw consent and discontinue participation without prejudice must accompany the proposal.

An individual, organization, or institution whose plan of research meets all of these conditions may submit a research request to the director of Teaching and Learning who shall, in cooperation with appropriate staff, review the proposal and make the recommended disposition. Research requests must be in accordance with Administrative Rules and Regulations attendant to this Policy.


Adopted: August 28, 1986
Revised: December 1, 1994, March 6, 2014
Reviewed: November 19, 2015



I. Research requests shall include the following information:

A. Cover to Request to Conduct Research and/or Survey Involving ISD 270 (Appendix A).

B. A brief abstract of the study.

C. Statement of the significance of the study.

D. An identification of the populations to be included in the study, including sample sizes.

E. Responses to the following potential risks:

Does the research planned in this project involve:                Yes                No

1. Possible invasion of privacy of subject of family including use of personal information or records?

2. The administration of physical stimuli other than auditory and visual stimuli associated with normal classroom situations?

3. Deprivation of physiological requirements such as nutrition or sleep; manipulation of psychological and/or social variables, e.g., sensory deprivation, social isolation, psychological stresses, etc.

4. Deception as part of the experimental procedure (if the study involves the use of deception, the protocol must include a description of this fact and the "debriefing procedure" which will be used upon completion of the study.

5. Any probing for information which an individual might consider to be personal or sensitive?

6. The presentation to the subject of any materials which they might find to be offensive, threatening, or degrading?

7. The requirement of physical exertion beyond normal classroom situations

8. Other:

F. An indication of the data to be collected. (If possible, actual instruments should be included.)

G. Preliminary statistical analysis plans.

H. Confidentiality requirements.

I. Provisions for ensuring that subjects and/or guardians have given "informed consent." (If consent documents are available, please attach.)

J. A statement concerning the potential impact of the study on human subjects and the amount of their time the study will require.

II. The director of Teaching and Learning and appropriate department and building personnel shall serve as a research reviewal committee. The conclusion and recommendation of the committee shall be communicated to those requesting research approval. Copies of approved research proposals shall be kept by the Director of Teaching and Learning, as well as by the administrator of the school or program wherein the research is taking place.


Hopkins, Minnesota

Cover for Request to Conduct Research and/or Surveys Involving

Hopkins School District 270 (Appendix A)


Researcher:                                              Telephone Number: ____________

Researcher:                                              Telephone Number: ____________

Researcher:                                              Telephone Number: ____________

(if additional researchers check here r and list on separate sheet)

Please attach vita for each researcher.

Institution:                                              Department: _________________

Office Address: ____________________________________________________________ 

School Building(s) Requested:_________________________________________________

Department(s), Class(es), Teacher(s) That Will be Involved: ______________________


Proposal Title: _____________________________________________________________ 

Please attach the following information:

1. Brief abstract of study

2. Statement of significance of the study

3. Identification of population and sample sizes

4. Identification of proposed risks (see attachment for risks as per regulation LC-R)

Approved: _____________________                                          __________________

University Advisor/Organization Administrator                               Office Phone

Approved:_____________________________________      _____________________

Review Committee Chair (Director of C. I. & A.) or Designee                  Date


A copy of the results shall be provided to the appropriate Cabinet member of the Hopkins School District, the appropriate supervisor, and building principal involved in the project.

Copy 1: University Advisor/Organization Administrator

Copy 2: Cabinet Member

Copy 3: Building Principal(s)



Cover for Request to Conduct Research and/or Surveys Involving Hopkins School District 270 (Appendix A) page 2

Directions for Application:

1. This form must be completed to satisfy Hopkins School District 270 Regulation 676-R, Research Activities.

2. The University professor/organization administrator must sign this request. He or she will accept direct responsibility related to the research.

3. Three copies of this form must be submitted with all attachments.

4. Three copies of all instruments to be used as a part of the research project must be submitted with the formal request (one each for the appropriate Cabinet members, supervisor, and principal).

5. The researcher may contact principals only after the form has been officially approved by the Review Committee. Access to schools will be permitted upon notification of approval.

6. All requested information must be submitted a minimum of three weeks before the research project is to take place.



1. Researchers may request a particular staff member or building and efforts will be made to honor these preferences.

2. An attempt will be made to distribute research related projects among all the buildings in the District.

3. Data derived from tests, school records, interviews, or survey/questionnaires, which have potential for invasion of the privacy of students or their families, must have advanced written authorization of parents or guardians. These releases will be collected and filed with the building principal(s) before the project is initiated.

4. Personnel records of the school staff are confidential and information will not be released from these records.

5. Public information will be available to researchers and other interested parties, but if time or other expense is involved, the requesting party will be responsible for such cost as provided in the Minnesota Public Record Law.

6. Instructional activities will not be interrupted unless there is clear significance for the educational program of the Hopkins School District.

rev. 12/94

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