658: Enrollment of Undocumented Students, Foreign Exchange Students, Homeless Students, and Determination of Residency Requirements


The Hopkins School District, pursuant to Minnesota State Law, must enroll any student, undocumented or documented, from age 6 to 21 years of age and who resides within the District.


Nonresident children sent to live with relatives or friends may be ineligible to enroll in the Hopkins Public Schools.


A. Students who are at least 21 years of age can qualify for free adult education options.

B. The School may permit a person who is over the age of 21 or who has graduated from high school to enroll in a class or program at a secondary school if there is space available. In determining if there are space available, students eligible for free enrollment and shared-time students shall be given priority over students seeking enrollment pursuant to this section. Students returning to complete a regular course of study shall be given priority over other students seeking enrollment. The Board may charge a student enrolled pursuant to this section a reasonable fee for a class or program.


A. The Hopkins School District will permit enrollment of up to ten (10) foreign exchange students in the District, who are enrolled in a first-come first-serve basis. Students will be accepted from any country through an approved or accredited foreign service placement agency and will be required to furnish an appropriate Visa. Foreign Exchange Students with J-1 Student Visas are considered ‘temporary residents’ of the District and may be counted as a resident ‘pupil’ for purposes of receiving state aid under the General Education Finance and Revenue Statues. 

B. Foreign Exchange Students, as per Minnesota state law, are not eligible to participate in post-secondary enrollment options programs.

C. Foreign Exchange Students who wish to enroll after the initial ten (10) registrations have been filled may be admitted permitted there is sufficient room at the preferred school.

D. Foreign Exchange Students who are not part of an exchange program and are in possession of an F-1 Visa may attend public secondary schools grades 9-12 for a maximum period of 12 months, provided they submit an I-20 Form and pay in full the tuition established by the School District. They are not allowed to attend any K-8 school or adult option program.


A. Students who reside in the District for the purpose of care and support from their parents are considered residents of the District.

B. However, if a foreign national does not live with his/her parents, the School District must determine why the student is living in the District. If the student’s purpose in residing in the district is for the purposes of education, the District may allow the student to pay tuition in order to attend.


A. The Hopkins School District will implement objective criteria and procedures for requiring new students to show proof of residency status.

B. Any student wishing to attend a school in the Hopkins Public School District is required to provide proof of residency, transcripts, immunization records, notice of emancipation or legal guardianship for the purposes of care and support, or meet the criteria established in Minnesota Statute.


A. Services

Children and youth in homeless situations are to be provided services comparable to those received by other students including transportation to and from their school of origin to the extent possible. The district will designate a liaison for students in homeless situations who will ensure that the rights of homeless students are protected and they have the opportunity to reach the same high academic standards expected of all students. 

B. Enrollment

Immunizations, guardianship, residential status or other documentation will not be barriers to immediate enrollment of students in homeless situations. Where appropriate, the enrolling school or office will refer the parent or guardian to the district homeless liaison for assistance in obtaining appropriated documentation. The district homeless liaison will also assist unaccompanied youth with placement/enrollment choices.

C. Placement

To the extent feasible, students in homeless situations will remain in their school of origin and transportation will be provided. They have the right to stay in their school of origin for the entire time they are homeless, or until the end of any academic year in which they move into permanent housing, unless a parent or guardian chooses otherwise.

D. Dispute Resolution

Disputes regarding the educational placement of a student in a homeless situation will be expeditiously addressed through a dispute resolution process. Parents or guardians and unaccompanied youth must be informed of the process and in the event of a dispute, the student must be immediately enrolled in the school of choice while the dispute is being resolved.

The District appoints the Director of Special Services as the responsible authority for addressing any disputes. Parents or guardians are informed to contact the Director of Special Services to initiate the process. The contact information is listed below.

Linda Gardner
Director of Special Services
1001 Highway 7
Hopkins, MN 55305
Email: linda.gardner@hopkinsschools.org


Adopted: May 22, 2003
Revised: February 21, 2008, December 3, 2015
Reviewed: September 29, 2011