620: Credit for Learning

Policy reflects Minnesota statute and aligns with other District 270 policies.


The purpose of this Policy is to recognize student experiences that meet Hopkins School District required curriculum, standards, and graduation requirements. Student experiences, include, but are not limited to, student achievement in alternative learning sites, in Post-Secondary Enrollment Options and other advanced enrichment programs, and in out-of-school experiences such as community organizations, work-based learning, and other educational activities and opportunities.


It is the policy of the School District to develop and provide processes and procedures by which students may meet a curricular credit requirement whether the School District offers the credit within its curriculum or the student accomplishes the work in another learning environment. The School District will provide a process for approving the transfer of credits or curriculum standards completed in another Minnesota school district, for recognition of work completed in other schools and post-secondary institutions, and for recognition of previous learning, and community and work experiences as demonstrated by the student through assessment. The process is not intended to serve as a means for students to waive required courses or credits in the normal sequence of their education. This is a process to allow students who through other means have mastered content and can now move on to other areas of study.


A. The School District will transfer credits achieved in earlier grades or in other accredited schools to the student’s record upon admission.

B. When a student transfers into the School District from another Minnesota public school district, any credit completed in the sending school district, along with required State of Minnesota test scores recorded by the sending district, shall be recorded as completed with a notation indicating the identity of the school district from which the records are transferred.

C. The School District will have a process for transferring any credits from private schools or other schools outside the state of Minnesota. The transfer of credits from outside Minnesota may result in an assessment of the student according to Section V of this policy to determine attainment of standards.

D. Students shall be advised of the opportunities available to complete further requirements and electives through the principal or the principal’s designee.

Note: Transfer of credit will be accepted from institutions accredited by the Minnesota Department of Education, or from the departments of education in which the credits were earned.


A. All recognition of student achievement in lieu of students taking credit-bearing courses in the Hopkins curriculum must follow the Credit by Assessment procedures outlined in V., except for those outlined in IV B.

B. Credit will be granted to identified students in Special Education, 504, English Language Learner, and Challenge programs if the completed work is from another Minnesota accredited institution or program (i.e. UMTYMP, District 287, PSEO.)


A. The School District will provide all students with the opportunity to receive credit for learning experiences achieved in extracurricular activities, activities outside of school, previous learning, and community and work experiences.

B. When a student requests recognition of work completed but for which no academic transcript exists, the student shall make application to the principal or principal’s designee.

C. Not more than sixty (60) days after the application is filed, the principal or the principal’s designee shall inform the student and the student’s parents or legal guardian what evidence must be presented to certify the completion of the credit. Evidence of completion might include letters of support and explanation from individuals or organizations who have actually witnessed the student’s demonstration of the experience, oral or written tests or interviews, actual performances or demonstrations assessed by District staff or others knowledgeable in the specifications of the credit, and/or other evidence as appropriate for the individual situation.

D. Upon the principal’s or principal designee’s determination of successful submission of the required evidence, the credit will be noted on the transcript, with a score if appropriate, and a notation of where and when the credit was completed and verified.

E. The School District will establish procedures for reviewing Credit by Assessment requests and for determining evidence for credit.

F. The District reserves the right to identify which courses are available for Credit by Assessment.


A. Secondary credits granted to a student through a post-secondary enrollment options course or program or online learning course or program that meets or exceeds a graduation standard or requirement shall be counted toward the graduation and credit requirements of a student completing the Minnesota Academic Standards.

B. A list of the courses or programs meeting the necessary requirements may be obtained from the school district.


Approved: January 22, 2004
Revised: December 6, 2007, September 29, 2011, October 1, 2015