615: Testing Accomodations, Modification, and Exemptions for IEP'S, Section 504 Plans, and LEP Students

Policy reflects Minnesota statute and aligns with other District 270 policies.


The purpose of the policy is to provide adequate opportunity for students identified as having Individualized Education Program (IEP), Rehabilitation Act of 1973, § 504 (504) accommodation, or limited English proficiency (LEP) needs to meet the graduation testing requirements.


A. The School District will utilize the existing annual review of IEPs or 504 accommodation plans to review, on a case-by-case basis, the extent of student participation in basic skills testing and state-mandated testing. For students subject to state-mandated testing, the student’s IEP or 504 accommodation plan must identify one of the following decisions:

1. the student is expected to achieve the statewide standard with or without testing accommodations resulting in a “pass” or “p” notation on the record when achieving a passing score; or

2. the student is expected to achieve the statewide standard at an individually modified level of difficulty, resulting in a “pass” or “p” notation on the record when achieving the modified level. A Minnesota alternative assessment must be used when an IEP team chooses to replace the state mandated test. Adoption of modifications for a student must occur concurrently with the adoption of transition goals and objectives as required by Minn. Stat. § 125A.08(a)(1). The IEP or 504 accommodation plan must define an appropriate assessment of the statewide standard at a modified level of difficulty. The Individualized Education Program (IEP) team is responsible for applying the criteria for how a student with a disability will participate in statewide testing. This decision must be done on an annual basis and documented in the IEP for each of the identified tests in math, reading, and science. Achievement of the individually modified standard shall be certified only through documented student performance of the defined assessment. Students subject to state-mandated testing testing also must be tested under standard conditions as specified by the developer of the test except those students whose IEP or 504 accommodation plan specifies other decisions consistent with the above stated requirements.

B. Students with LEP needs must be identified and accommodations made for students subject to basic skills testing. Students subject to state-mandated testing GRAD testing are required to pass the state-mandated testing if they have been enrolled in any Minnesota school for at least four consecutive years.


See the current “Procedures Manual for the Minnesota Assessments” which is produced by the Minnesota Department of Education.


See the current “Procedures Manual for the Minnesota Assessments” which is produced by the Minnesota Department of Education. V. RECORDS All test accommodations, modifications, or exemptions shall be reported to the School District Test Administrator. The School District Test Administrator shall be responsible for keeping a list of all such test accommodations, modifications, and exemptions for school district audit purposes. Testing results will be documented and reported.


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Cross References:
MSBA/MASA Model Policy 104 (School District Mission Statement)
MSBA/MASA Model Policy 601 (School District Curriculum and Instruction Goals)
MSBA/MASA Model Policy 613 (Graduation Requirements)
MSBA/MASA Model Policy 614 (School District Testing Plan and Procedure)
MSBA/MASA Model Policy 616 (School District System Accountability)


Adopted: September 16, 2010
Revised: March 21, 2017