613: Graduation Requirements

Policy reflects Minnesota statute and aligns with other District 270 policies.


The purpose of this policy is to set forth requirements for graduation from the School District.


The policy of the School District is that all students must satisfactorily complete, as determined by the School District, all course credit requirements, all state academic standards, (or local standards where state standards do not apply), and successfully pass graduation examinations, as required, in order to graduate.


A. One (1) “course credit” at our junior and senior high levels is equivalent to a student’s successful completion of a daily, quarter-long academic course or a student’s mastery of the applicable subject matter, as determined by the School District.

B. “Section 504 Accommodation” means appropriate accommodations or modifications that must be made in the school environment to address the needs of an individual student.

C. An “Individualized Education Program” (IEP) means a written document describing a plan developed for a student eligible by law for special education and services.

D. An “English language learners (ELL) means an individual whose first language is not English and whose test performance may be negatively affected by a lack of English language proficiency.

E. “GRAD” means the graduation-required assessment for diploma that measures the reading, writing, and mathematics proficiency of high school students.

F. “Course” means a specified topic or curricular area offered in the senior high school or junior high school catalogue as an individual unit of study.


The Coordinator of Research, Evaluation, and Assessment shall be named the School District Test Administrator. This person shall be in charge of all test procedures and shall bring recommendations to the School Board annually for approval.


In order to graduate from Hopkins Public Schools, a student must successfully complete all course and credit requirements, or show proof of successful credit-by-assessment evaluation or equivalent credit transfer from another accredited institution. Students who entered grade 9 prior to the 2011-2012 school year, should contact the Hopkins High School Guidance Counseling Department for graduation requirements. Students planning to graduate in 2012 and later must complete the following course and credit requirements:

Required Courses Graduation Credits
English/Language Arts 8.0
Financial Literacy 1.5
Fine Arts 2.0
General Electives 19.0
Health Science 1.5
Mathematics 6.0
Physical Education 2.0
Science 6.0
Social Studies 8.0
World Language *

*Students must complete two courses where world language is an identified curriculum concentration. This requirement can be completed in grades 7-12.


In order to graduate from the School District, all students must fulfill the graduation test requirements in reading, mathematics, and writing established by Minnesota Statute with the following exceptions:

A. ELL students are required to pass the GRAD only if they have been enrolled in any Minnesota school for at least four consecutive years. An ELL student who first enrolls in a Minnesota school in grade 9 or above and who completes the required coursework and any other state and district requirements in order to graduate within a four-year period is not required to pass the GRAD;

B. Shared-time students are not required to pass the GRAD unless they intend to graduate from the School District.

C. Students who have transferred into the School District from other states will not be required to pass the GRAD if they have passed another state’s graduation examinations and those examinations are acceptable to the Minnesota Department of Education.

D. Students with IEPs or 504 accommodation plans will be tested and required to pass the GRAD as specified in the students’ IEPs or 504 accommodation plans.


Students may be considered for early graduation under the following conditions:

A. All academic standards or course and credit requirements must be met;

B. The principal or designee will conduct an interview with the student and parent or guardian, inform the parties of available post-secondary education opportunities, and arrive at a timely decision; and

C. The principal’s or designee’s written decision may be subject to review by the superintendent and School Board.


Within 30 working days of a student’s entry into grade 9 or transfer into the district during or after grade 9, the School District will notify students and their parents of the school district’s graduation requirements and the grade in which the student will have the first opportunity to take a GRAD test.

The school district also will provide written notice of the GRAD test results to students and their parents no later than 60 days after the School District receives the results, and will provide written notice of the basic requirements test results no later than 90 days after the School District receives the results.

The School District also will provide notice of remediation and/or additional testing opportunities and/or accommodations to applicable students and their parents.


Adopted: June 18, 1998
Revised: April 12, 1999, January 22, 2004, December 15, 2011, January 22, 2015