553: Student Participation: State, National & International Competitions

Policy reflects Minnesota statute and aligns with other District 270 policies.

The Hopkins School District supports and encourages excellence in all programs under the supervision of the school system. A variety of competitive activities which are related to the course and program objectives of approved school programs are likewise encouraged and supported within certain limits:

a. The activity is consistent with Board policy and procedures; and

b. The activity is a logical extension of, and related to, a school-sponsored and approved program activity; and

c. The activity is sponsored or approved by the Minnesota Department of Education, Minnesota State High School League or other recognized education agency or authority; and

d. Funding for the participation of students is included in the school budget, raised by a school-based club or organization, service club, foundation, other similar source, or paid by the organization sponsoring the competition.

e. Appropriate supervision by school system personnel can be assured.

Approved: November 16, 1995
Reviewed: January 24, 2013, November 21, 2017, February 24, 2022
Revised: March 21, 2017


1. Student participation in local, state, regional, national, or international competition is limited to the conditions outlined in Board Policy.

2. Specifically, school-sponsored student competition is limited to activities sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Education, Minnesota State High School League, community and civic organizations or other recognized educational and charitable organizations. Generally, those contests and activities which appear in the National Association of Secondary School Principals National Advisory List of Contests and Activities are approved. The principal, or his/her designee, is expected to review all proposed competitive activities and grant approval prior to student participation. The cost of any such student participation in approved activities shall be taken from funds budgeted for that purpose or funds available through the sponsoring organization, club or activity.

3. No school-sponsored activity or school-approved participation of students will be allowed without adequate and appropriate supervision. Funds for the support of teacher participation in such activities shall be allocated from school-budgeted funds or, if such funds are not available, may be requested from School District funds budgeted for that purpose.

4. Unplanned expenses of students (e.g., state winners who qualify for further competition) will be the responsibility of the sponsoring club or organization service club, foundation or other outside source. Expenses for advisors will be shared between the School District and the individual school, subject to the approval of the principal, the district administrator, and availability of funds.